XCMG Unveils Revolutionary G2 Series: A New Era of Electric, High-Efficiency Cranes for Global Markets

XUZHOU, China, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — During the 6th XCMG International Customer Festival, XCMG Crane unveiled its latest G2 series of cranes, featuring the XCT130G7-1, the XCT50G5-1HEV, and the XCR40_EV. The event hosted over 1,200 participants from more than 60 countries and regions, providing an exclusive showcase of the new crane line-up.



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Attendees, particularly those from international markets, were given the chance to operate the G2 series, gaining a firsthand understanding of the series’ cutting-edge features. The G2 platform is engineered with several proprietary technologies, including G-ECO for full-cycle energy efficiency, G-ICN for intelligent control across all scenarios, G-Master for precise control under all working conditions, G-Comfort for enhanced operational comfort, and G-Safe for comprehensive safety and quality assurance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

XCT130G7-1: Precision and Power in Synchronization
The XCT130G7-1 model was highlighted for its dual-hook synchronization and its ability to perform complex load-bearing telescopic maneuvers.

In typical construction settings, the efficient management and reorientation of heavy loads are critical and often necessitate the synchronized operation of primary and auxiliary winches. This places stricter requirements for the speed control precision and stability of the crane’s various actuators.

In the competitive landscape of construction machinery, XCMG has announced the introduction of its next-generation composite control technology. This advancement significantly refines the precision control throughout the crane’s operation cycle, boasting an enhancement in the hydraulic system’s flow distribution accuracy by over 25%. Such precision allows for millimeter-level adjustments in any composite maneuver.

XCT50G5-1HEV: Versatility Meets Advanced Hybrid Technology
During the festival, the XCT50G5-1HEV model was showcased, featuring a cutting-edge intelligent pump-valve composite control system. This system boosts maneuverability by 20% and enhances micro-movement smoothness by 30%, impressing visiting operators with its exceptional capabilities.

The model, featuring an extended-range hybrid configuration, comes equipped with three operational modes: pure electric, extended range, and plug-in hybrid. With a full tank, it can perform continuously for 15 shifts without requiring a recharge, leading to an approximate 40% reduction in annual energy consumption. With charging facilities, the energy savings can surge up to 70%.  

The chassis design allows operators to toggle between extended range and pure electric modes. In the extended range mode, the crane can travel up to 800 km on a full tank, displaying robust performance metrics. In pure electric mode, the crane can accelerate from 0 to 50 km/h in just 24 seconds, ensuring top-tier operational response.

First of Its Kind: The Electric XCR40_EV
Highlighting its innovation in green technology, XCMG also introduced the world’s first electric rough terrain crane, the XCR40_EV. Demonstrated during a traditional Chinese ring toss contest, the crane exhibited superior load management and telescoping capabilities.

XCMG has introduced a groundbreaking feature in the XCR40_EV, a fully electric rough terrain crane, equipped with an integrated all-drive transmission chain that significantly reduces the number of high-voltage electrical components by 58% compared to conventional designs. This innovation enhances compatibility with traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) cranes while minimizing the likelihood of electrical failures in adverse construction settings, ensuring higher reliability and reduced maintenance costs.

As a zero-emission, pure electric crane, the XCR40_EV strikes a balance between power and economy. Compared to traditional models with ICEs, it doubles the energy conversion and utilization, increases transmission efficiency by 20%, and reduces energy costs by 63% under various working conditions. Additionally, the model operates at a noise level that is 10-15 dB lower than its ICE-powered counterparts, significantly reducing driver fatigue.

The crane is equipped with a large-capacity, maintenance-free power battery and an intelligent energy management system, achieving an energy recovery rate of up to 30% and allowing for continuous operation for up to 8 hours.

For more information about the unveiled cranes, please visit https://www.xcmgglobal.com/solution/hoisting-machinery.htm.

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