Tuya Smart Unveils Groundbreaking Large Model Cube AI at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit

NEW YORK, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Amid the current global AI trend, embracing generative AI has become a widespread consensus to stay ahead of the times. As developers vigorously delve into new frontiers and new applications of AI technology to capitalize on its boundless potential, Tuya unveiled significant products at the 2024 TUYA Global Developer Summit. These include the AI large model, AI development tools, and AI MiniApp development platforms, truly realizing the transformative value of AI for global developers.

01 Tuya’s Premier AI Model – Cube AI

1. Enterprise Challenges

AI algorithms and computational power often yield low input-output ratios, making the utilization of universal large models the most viable option for many enterprises.

Adapting universal large models directly to specific business scenarios is challenging, requiring enterprises to integrate their own business data with large model capabilities to create exclusive AI large models.

The lack of applicable scenarios and training data in the process of building an exclusive large model hinders the realization of commercial value.

2. Cube AI’s Advantages

Leveraging the extensive smart devices and open-source large model capabilities within the Tuya ecosystem, Cube AI offers foundamental capabilities for GenAI technology innovation and application.

Cube AI possesses remarkable advantages in the realm of spatial intelligence. Its integration of GenAI capabilities into spaces enables users with enhanced device functionalities, smarter management experiences, AI-driven intelligent scene experiences, and tailored recommendations for scene analysis and linkage strategies.

For instance, in energy-saving scenarios, Cube AI leverages customer intelligent device info and specific scenario requirements to analyze the space’s energy consumption in real-time. Utilizing AI, it generates an optimal energy-saving and emission reduction strategy. This approach enables Cube AI to offer customers and users cutting-edge AI technology and unparalleled product value in the domain of spatial intelligence.

3. Cube AI in Practice

Cube AI boasts immense application potential and flexibility in adapting to diverse smart scenarios, demonstrating remarkable results in industrial, commercial, and household settings. It effectively addresses issues such as building energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as household energy management.

The Spatial LLM technology harnessed by Cube AI has been successfully implemented in numerous scenarios. These applications have not only enhanced the management and utilization efficiency of smart devices, but also optimized resource allocation and usage strategies in diverse settings through intelligent analysis and linkage. The result is a substantial improvement in user experience and a noteworthy increase in resource utilization efficiency.

4. Broadening Application Scenarios

Tuya has expanded the offerings to cover various scenarios, including building energy-saving, living environment safety, plant breeding, environmental management, healthcare systems, and pet companionship.

02 Revolutionary AI Application-Level Products

Three cutting-edge AI development tools enable global developers to achieve success

1. AI Developer

Tailored for Tuya developers, this kit seamlessly integrates big language models and developer platforms to provide efficient assistance throughout the development, operation, and commercialization process.

2. AI Analyst

A practical solution for brand customers, providing rating statistics, comment summaries, content interpretation, and more. This enables brands to listen to “consumer voices” more effectively and accurately, guiding optimization decisions.

3. AI Terminal

Designed for smart product users, this terminal offers intuitive AI-powered control, queries, quick settings, and troubleshooting. It also provides personalized advice based on user needs.

An AI MiniApp Development Hub for Business Growth

The AI MiniApp development hub aims to enable developers and broaden AI application scenarios on Tuya’s platform. It enables the integration of AI recipes, AI sleep assistants, smart customer service, and more.

The key concept is to simplify the development process and minimize technical barriers. With low-code or no-code capabilities, developers can seamlessly integrate multiple AI models and effortlessly develop AI-powered applications. Furthermore, this hub offers rapid access to existing AI applications, making it easy for developers to incorporate advanced AI functionalities into new projects.

Developers can now simply manage their own knowledge base to craft AI agents tailored to specific scenarios. By broadening access to a wider range of plugins, including those that enhance intelligent device capabilities, Tuya can cultivate AI agents with even greater prowess and potential. This remarkable flexibility enables rapid development of AI applications that not only meet requirements but also cater to the diverse needs of the market, thus paving the way for the commercialization of AI technology.

With the introduction of the Cube AI large model, AI development tools, and an AI MiniApp development hub, Tuya has significantly lowered the barrier to entry for AI technology, offering a clear roadmap to the intelligent era for global developers. In the future, Tuya remains committed to spearheading the innovation and adoption of Generative AI, contributing significantly to the creation of a smarter and more sustainable world.

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