Trane Launches Climate Changer Magicube Air Handling Unit in Asia Pacific

Modular Design Leads to New Experience of Convenient Installation

SHANGHAI, July 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Trane®, a strategic brand of Trane Technologies (NYSE: TT), a global climate innovator, announced the launch of the revolutionary Climate Changer Magicube (CLCM) air handling unit to address the challenges associated with the installation and maintenance of air conditioning equipment in modern buildings. Featuring with an innovative modular design, the CLCM unit simplifies installation and maintenance processes significantly, which also effectively reduces the cost associated with constructing, operating and maintaining the building’s air-conditioning system, and creates a clean and comfortable environment with high-quality air for users.

Trane Climate Changer Magicube Air Handling Unit
Trane Climate Changer Magicube Air Handling Unit

During the installation of air handling unit in mixed-development and office buildings, it is often to encounter the issue of needing to dis-assemble and re-assemble the unit due to limited space. However, traditional air handling units are often complex to dis-assemble and re-assemble, making the process time-consuming and labor-intensive. Additionally, this can potentially damage the unit and lead to problems like air and heat leakages.

“With its compact individual modules, the innovative CLCM unit is easy to move and assemble on-site, making it especially suitable for mixed-development and office buildings with limited installation space that require multiple reassemblies,” said Bruce Gu, Vice President of Engineering and Technology at Trane Technologies Asia Pacific. “Building on Trane’s century-long history of climate control technology, we expect this new product to continuously provide our customers with more flexible and efficient air conditioning solutions.”

Customize air conditioning solutions with flexible Magicube combinations

This new product features a unique modular connecting design that allows for flexible combinations: side-by-side combination to increase air volume; front-to-back combination to expand functionality. This innovative design enables customers to tailor the system according to their specific demand, providing better customization experience. Another significant highlight is its standardized design. All models are equipped with the fans, filters and other common components of standard sizes. Combined with the universal coil for left-hand and right-hand configurations and a pull-out coil design, the coil connection side can be flexibly adjusted on-site, making installation and maintenance more convenient. This not only expands the application range of the product, but also frees the customers from a large stock of spare parts. In addition, this product series is also smaller in size compared to traditional air conditioning units, which can further save costs for the customers.

For the appearance design, CLCM unit features a new casing made of high-strength frames. This robust casing not only prevents damage during transportation and re-assembly, which may lead to issues like air leakage and heat transfer, but also ensures the efficient performance with a low thermal transmittance. Additionally, the unit is equipped with a step-shape panel design that further reduces the air leakage rate and the risk of cold bridge condensation with multiple sealing measures, thereby improving the overall performance, quality and reliability of the product. Moreover, the interior of the new casing structure is smoother and cleaner, making it less prone to dust accumulation and easier to maintain.

In terms of energy conservation and environmental protection, Trane has set a higher benchmark with a forward-looking vision. The CLCM unit series is equipped with EC fans that offer superior economic value. Under full-load operation, these fans can save energy by 15%-30% compared with ordinary fans using AC motors, achieving the market-leading Grade1 of Grade 2 energy efficiency level.

In addition, the CLCM unit innovatively introduces a QR code solution for on-site assembly. Upon arrival at the installation site, the customer’s personnel can simply scan the QR code on the product to access 3D installation instructions that provides a clear display of sorting information and installation sequence, enabling easy assembly of the equipment even without professional guidance. This significantly improves the efficiency and quality of the installation process.

Ensure healthy air with dual-mode sterilization

Given the significant rise in concern for health and environmental protection in recent years, the CLCM series is specially designed with a dual-mode system. This system includes a built-in high-voltage electrostatic sterilization device and a plug-in photocatalyst sterilization device, ensuring users enjoy better air quality.

In the high-voltage electrostatic sterilization mode, tiny particle pollutants smaller than 0.01 micron will be adsorbed on the dust collection plate by the energy instantly released from the high-voltage charge. This mode can achieve a PM2.5 purification rate of 99% and a sterilization rate of 99.6% within one hour, and it can eliminate 99% of influenza virus within two hours, effectively improving indoor air quality.

Additionally, in the plug-in photocatalytic sterilization mode, the CLCM unit can degrade organic pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. It can achieve a disinfection rate of up to 99.99%, a sterilization rate of up to 99.68%, and a TVOC purification rate of 78.9% within two hours. Furthermore, negative oxygen ions are released during the sterilization process to further purify the air.

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