The 2024 Tai’an City Cultural and Tourism Industry High Quality Development Conference was successfully held

TAI’AN, China, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This is a report from the Shandong Office of Hong Kong Business Daily. In early June, the 2024 Tai‘an City Cultural and Tourism Industry High Quality Development Conference opened in Xintai City, Shandong Province. The conference is divided into four main activities: project observation, opening ceremony, conference on high-quality development of cultural and tourism industry, and salon conference on the development of tourism and leisure cities in Tai’an City. On the same day, the city mascots “Dare” and “Dangdang”, which embody the unique culture and spiritual style of Tai’an city and carry the city’s image brand, were also announced to the outside world.

Tai’an, Shandong is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. Over 5000 years ago, this place nurtured the brilliant Dawenkou culture, becoming an important milestone in the history of Chinese civilization. Mount Taishan is blessed with unique tourism resources. As the first of the five mountains, Taishan is a symbol of the Chinese national spirit and the first “cultural and natural” heritage in China. Tai’an is also named for Mount Taishan, which means “peaceful country and peaceful people”.

In recent years, Tai’an has vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of cultural tourism, optimized and improved the development environment of cultural tourism, established a beautiful cultural tourism brand, optimized the cultural tourism characteristic business card industry, promoted the deep integration and high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry, and has been awarded the titles of “China’s Most Valuable Cultural Tourism Investment City” and “2023 Beautiful China’s First Choice Tourism Destination”. In the past Dragon Boat Festival holiday, 21 tourist attractions (spots) in Tai’an included in the statistics, including A-level tourist attractions, new business tourist attractions and rural tourist attractions, received a total of 501700 tourists, including 129900 tourists in Mount Taishan, an increase of 13.26% over 2023.

At present, Tai’an has comprehensively integrated the elements of high-quality cultural tourism, actively constructed a new pattern of “Mount Taishan+” with Mount Taishan as the leader, multiple supports, simultaneous development of multiple industries, and global sharing, led the city’s cultural tourism development to take the lead in Shandong Province, walked out a new path of distinctive cultural tourism in-depth integration and high-quality development, and built an international cultural tourism and leisure destination and a world famous cultural tourism city.

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