TEHTRIS strengthens its global ecosystem by accelerating development in Southeast Asia

Strategic acceleration with the support of a local partner ecosystem and the opening of a subsidiary in Singapore

SINGAPORE, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TEHTRIS, publisher of the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM which detects and neutralizes cyber espionage and sabotage, today announced a major new step in its international development with the opening of a subsidiary in Singapore.

After Hong Kong in 2011 and Japan in 2022, this Singapore subsidiary becomes a new strategic base for TEHTRIS to provide a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for the highly dynamic markets of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, with the support of local partners like Alfa Siber Teknologi, ITSEC, SevenCyber and ST Engineering Info-Security

“The rapid digitization of both private and public organizations is considerably increasing the risk of cyber-attacks, particularly in Asia. The evolution of techniques, with the use of AI in the development of phishing-as-a-service, such as phishing via QR codes, demonstrates that cybercrime is intensifying in both volume and complexity. This underlines the importance of protecting IT assets with a trusted third party like TEHTRIS”, explains Elena Poincet, co-founder, and CEO at TEHTRIS.  

Organizations in Asia can rely on the hyper-automation capabilities of the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM, already used by international groups, public administrations (ministries, local authorities), and SMBs to neutralize cyberattacks in real-time and without human action.

“Organizations in Asia have entered a genuine arms race in cybersecurity technology. We firmly believe in the power of hyper-automation, powered by our own AI, CYBERIA, as a central solution of our platform, not only to detect and neutralize these attacks in real-time, without human action, but also to address the talent shortage and global cyber fatigue. We are delighted with the trust from our new partners in TEHTRIS to provide the cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions required by their clients of all sizes and sectors.”

With its 8 subsidiaries and a global deployment of its XDR AI PLATFORM, TEHTRIS realizes its vision of a “follow the sun” service, enabling real-time monitoring of its clients’ infrastructures and 24/7 support through its CyberSphere offer.


Founded in 2010, TEHTRIS is the publisher of the TEHTRIS XDR AI PLATFORM, a global leader in the automatic real-time detection and neutralization of cyberattacks without human action. Interoperable, “Security & Ethics by design”, this solution provides cybersecurity specialists with a holistic view of their infrastructure while ensuring data confidentiality.

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