State Grid Zoucheng Power Supply Company Moving Towards Green, “Electricity” Brightens the Water Surface Economy

ZOUCHENG, China, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 27, the staff of the State Grid Zoucheng Power Supply Company went to the Saiwei Solar Ecological Park in Beisu Town, Zoucheng City, to provide door-to-door services, assisting the photovoltaic power station in inspecting its internal lines and equipment, and ensure power supply for the photovoltaic power station to welcome the peak power generation period.

Zoucheng is located in the southwest of Shandong Province, where coal fields are widely distributed. However, coal mining has also caused land subsidence, adversely affecting the local ecological environment. In recent years, Zoucheng City has vigorously promoted the transformation of subsidence areas, promoting the “subsidence area + photovoltaic” transformation model. The once dirty and poor subsidence areas have now beautifully transformed into “gems” embedded in the earth, injecting strong vitality into local economic development and green low-carbon transformation.

To support the new blueprint for the development of photovoltaic power in subsidence areas, the State Grid Zoucheng Power Supply Company has made efforts from the aspects of power grid construction and quality service, opened up the green channel for the development and construction of “subsidence area photovoltaic”, and fully empowered the “water surface economy”. The company actively collaborates with planning departments, actively reports to superior companies, successfully plans the Shuixing Photovoltaic 220 kV Booster Station, and provides strong grid support for the access and consumption of photovoltaic power projects such as the first phase of 80MW and the first phase of 50MW in Hutun, Zhongdian Town, and Twenty Mile Shop.

The company focuses on improving “power supply + energy efficiency”, develops the “Photovoltaic Data Cockpit” platform, provides real-time power quality mining analysis, risk warning, and other functions for photovoltaic power stations, and provides power data support for the subsequent planning of photovoltaic power stations. The State Grid Zoucheng Power Supply Company regularly visits photovoltaic power stations to provide services, guides customers to check internal power facilities, and ensures that the power generation of photovoltaic power stations continues to remain high.

Next, the State Grid Zoucheng Power Supply Company will continue to focus on the “dual carbon” goal, continuously optimize the “extended service” of electricity, support the development and construction of photovoltaic power stations in Zoucheng City’s coal mining subsidence areas with high quality, and provide strong momentum for the sustainable development of the local economy.

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