State Grid Shandong Jining Sishui County Power Supply Company: “Busy Farming Season Ensures Power Reliability”

JINING, China, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “On June 4, with the switch at a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius and no signs of overheating at any junctions, the line is functioning normally.” At the Qiaojiawa branch of the 10 kV Lucheng line and at the Standard Farmland No. 1 transformer station, State Grid Shandong Jining Sishui County Power Supply Company organized the Rainbow Communist Party Member Service Team to conduct specialized infrared inspections right in the fields, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of lines and equipment during the busy agricultural season.

The wheat fields ripple like waves under the breeze, and the hum of machinery signals the height of the harvest season. To guarantee that customers receive safe and reliable electricity during the “San Xia” period—comprising the crucial summer months—the company has implemented several strategic measures to ensure smooth power delivery. Preparation began well in advance, with a dedicated power supply team analyzing the unique demands of “San Xia” electricity usage and the current state of the electrical grid. Tied to “Safe Production Month,” and taking into account the potential for increased load and adverse weather, the company’s urban power supply center and 11 substations conducted thorough risk assessments of agricultural power lines and facilities in their respective areas, promptly addressing any discovered hazards. Safety brochures on electricity usage were also distributed to villagers. Moreover, substation managers supervised safety checks on power poles and guy-wires in wheat fields, adding missing warning signs as needed. For new electricity service requests during “San Xia,” the process for meter installations and connections was streamlined, allowing for swift handling of temporary power requests. Through the efforts of twelve Rainbow Communist Party Member Service Teams, who distributed educational flyers and delivered lectures on summer electricity safety, the company also addressed daily power issues for villagers through broadcasts and WeChat groups.

For agricultural machinery enterprises, the company assigned accountable officers who led service teams in the “Four Enters to Deliver Services” initiative, providing diligent follow-up services tailored to the companies’ power usage. These teams kept a close watch on the energy consumption patterns of their clients, broadening the scope and enhancing the quality of services provided. Through energy monitoring and precise field calculations, energy-saving campaigns were conducted to offer optimized power solutions that encourage energy conservation, quality enhancement, and operational efficiency, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between the power grid and its customers and markedly improving energy efficiency.

Additionally, aligning with the specific requirements of agricultural activities, the company launched the “Village Network Joint Construction,” establishing an “agricultural electricity green channel” to reduce processing times and streamline operations for farming-related power applications, activations, and capacity enhancements, offering “one-stop” handling. Service team members made concerted efforts to reach out to the community by visiting villages and engaging directly in the fields, conducting promotional activities focused on the protection of electrical infrastructure.

To date, the company has mobilized 12 Rainbow Communist Party Member Service Teams, distributing over 1,630 manuals on safe electricity usage, and provided more than 120 doorstep services to local agricultural cooperatives and grain fields, while eliminating over 130 potential hazards in lines and equipment. In the upcoming period, the company will continue to strengthen its forecasting and monitoring of electrical loads during the “San Xia” agricultural peak, systematically managing grid operations to ensure a successful grain harvest.

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