State Grid Shandong Binzhou Power Supply Company: “Fist Clenching” Effort to Guarantee Stable Power Supply During Peak Summer Period

BINZHOU, China, June 4, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 29, State Grid Shandong Binzhou Power Supply Company mobilized its staff to carry out exhaustive inspections across key substations and transmission and distribution lines within its service area. These inspections aim to monitor electrical grid load fluctuations attentively, identifying and addressing defects and hazards promptly. This initiative is a key component of State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company’s “fist clenching” approach to ensure a reliable power supply during the summer peak.

As the season of high electricity demand arrives, State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company has fully launched initiatives to ensure power provision throughout the summer. The “fist clenching” strategy encompasses several measures: enhancing the supply guarantee mechanism and boosting collaboration between governmental and corporate entities; fortifying operational control to ensure the power grid and equipment remain safe and stable; refining equipment maintenance to bolster system and grid defense capabilities; and implementing precise load management to meet residential and industrial needs accurately.

The company is intensifying its safety management to establish robust production and emergency safety lines, ensuring stable power supply throughout the summer. Concurrently, State Grid Binzhou Power Supply Company adheres to a “four-main-body” approach in supply responsibility, utilizing a “government-led, government-corporate coordination, corporate implementation” mechanism to ensure effective application of all supply measures. They meticulously plan the operation modes of the electric grid, closely monitor and analyze the grid, continuously optimize emergency response plans, and steadfastly protect the major grid’s safety “lifeline.” Regular and systematic progress is made in managing key risks associated with grid equipment, enhancing the operational maintenance of significant transmission pathways and key substations, ensuring that major defects are resolved without delay, and focusing on “preventing major floods, combating severe droughts, managing significant risks, and responding to major disasters” to refine flood prevention and supply readiness.

Furthermore, the company conducts analyses on consumer electricity use during peak summer times, regularly updates the “Emergency Load Control Order for Meeting Summer Peaks,” and resolutely protects the major power grid’s safety and the baseline of civilian electricity use, avoiding any cutoffs or power rationing. They have also enhanced and optimized flood prevention plans for substations in flood storage and detention areas and urged the government to incorporate the company’s emergency power repair teams into the county’s emergency repair system, strengthening real-time communication and coordination with local authorities to ensure collaborative and efficient emergency response.

Through these comprehensive measures, State Grid Shan dong Binzhou Power Supply Company demonstrates its commitment and capability to ensure the stability and reliability of regional power supply during the demanding summer period.

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