State Grid Rizhao Power Supply Company: “Berry Fragrance” Town’s “Sunshine Savings Book”

RIZHAO, China, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In Donggang District of Rizhao City lies the beautiful “Berry Fragrance Town”—Chentuan Town, which is currently in the thick of the blueberry harvesting season. Each blueberry bush is outfitted with sophisticated drip irrigation and fertigation systems. Thanks to reliable electricity supply, the town’s 25,000 acres of blueberries have an output value exceeding 400 million yuan, providing employment for over 10,000 local farmers near their homes.

Bianjiazhuang Village, located in the eastern part of Chentuan Town, consists of 385 households on approximately 1,600 acres. It has been designated as a Forest Village and a Provincial-Level Beautiful Countryside in Shandong Province. The village has installed over 2,800 solar photovoltaic panels, making it Rizhao’s inaugural “Photovoltaic Community.” The project, which cost 5.74 million yuan to construct, has been operational for eight years, generating total revenues exceeding 7 million yuan, thus recouping the initial investment. Annually, the project generates over 900,000 kWh of electricity, providing each household with an income of more than 2,000 yuan. Projected over a 20-year lifecycle, the total revenue from this initiative is expected to surpass 12 million yuan.

Sunlight not only brings high returns to villagers but also energizes industries. Hyundai Transys, part of the Hyundai Motor Group, has been operating in Rizhao since November 2010, producing and selling 8 million gearboxes, with an annual power consumption of 43.15 million kWh. Since September 2022, Transys has repurposed 60,000 square meters of unused spaces such as factory roofs and parking sheds by installing a 9.8 MW photovoltaic system. Operating 1,300 hours annually, it generates approximately 12.4 million kWh per year, saving the company about 6.8 million yuan in electricity costs.

To enhance its services for renewable energy generation, State Grid Rizhao Power Supply Company actively promotes the substitution of electricity for other energy sources and continuously refines the electricity business environment. It has established a “green channel” for distributed photovoltaic power generation, streamlining processes, reducing bureaucratic steps, and shortening timeframes. The Transys photovoltaic project transitioned from application to power delivery in just 11 days, accelerating the adoption of new energy through comprehensive “one-stop” services.

Over recent years, the State Grid Rizhao Power Supply Company has consistently worked to improve the electricity business environment and carried out rural electrification enhancement initiatives. Chentuan Modern Agriculture Industrial Park is one of the beneficiaries. With an electrical load of 650 kW, the park features 95 high-standard winter-warm blueberry greenhouses and 200 acres of open-air blueberries, annually producing about 100 tons of blueberries and providing 150 job opportunities to help boost farmers’ incomes.

In support of the economic development of Chentuan Town’s blueberry industry, the Rizhao Power Supply Company is vigorously promoting advanced agricultural technologies and fully electrified infrastructure, assisting with the installation of smart terminals, electric sprinklers, and other equipment.

“Our blueberry greenhouses employ high-tech and intelligent management systems. Look at the screen displaying real-time data such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels inside the greenhouse. It’s not only accurate but also convenient, ensuring a reliable blueberry harvest,” explained Zhang Kai, a blueberry business owner in Chentuan Town, to the visiting power supply service staff.

“Currently, as we are in the peak blueberry harvesting season, there are stringent demands for electrical stability. Having reliable electricity makes me feel secure,” said Sun Kaijiang at the blueberry plantation, who repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the district power supply manager.

In recent years, the State Grid Rizhao Power Supply Company has been actively engaged in rural revitalization, grounding its efforts at the grassroots level, continually enhancing the electricity business environment, and innovating service measures. By energizing the “Berry Fragrance” Town, it has paved a path to prosperity with a “fully charged” photovoltaic savings book for blueberries, securing a fruitful yield.

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