State Grid Qihe County Power Supply Company Built the First Village level Digital DC Microgrid in Shandong Province

QIHE, China, May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — State Grid Qihe Power Supply Company in Shandong Province firmly implements the “dual carbon” goal, solidifying the foundation of digital transformation of the power grid. Also, the dynamic “power grid map” data management is well deepened, and the real-time operation status of the equipment is properly coordinated as well. So a three-dimensional digital space scene of the power grid is constructed.

The original distribution grid is transformed into a 750V DC distribution grid by constructing four types of typical electric usage scenarios, namely distributed photovoltaic, energy storage, vehicle grid interactive charging piles, and DC loads. Thus a complete low-voltage DC power supply system is formed. The construction of the first village level digital DC microgrid in Shandong Provence has solved the problems of uneven electric equipment load and high electricity consumption fluctuations in areas with high access rates of distributed photovoltaic projects. The village level digital DC microgrid is of great help for efficient electric power distribution and for the transformation of green energy. 

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