State Grid Heze Power Supply Company: Tailored Services Fuel High-Quality Development of Mamek Skirt Industry

HEZE, China, May 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On May 15th, within the production workshop of Yunmengze Textiles Co., Ltd., located in the Taobao Industrial Park of Dajie Town, Cao County, Heze City, Shandong Province, two newly introduced jacquard machines were operating at full speed. Amidst the flurry of needles and threads, vivid patterns of flora, fauna, and landscapes materialized on a variety of fabrics. With the Mamek skirt’s popularity surging, the company has reached a peak period of orders, necessitating around-the-clock production. Simultaneously, two staff members from the State Grid Heze Power Supply Company’s “Village Grid Joint Construction” initiative visited to assist with electrical safety inspections, monitoring voltage and current parameters of the equipment in the park, ensuring that their tailored services propel the high-quality development of this distinctive local industry.

Recently, Heze’s Mamek skirts unexpectedly “went viral” online, catapulting the city into the spotlight as the largest national hub for Hanfu and performance costume processing and sales. The trend has become a top fashion choice of 2024, with online sales surpassing one billion yuan. More than 1,500 related enterprises and 6,000 online stores have clustered in Heze, drawing over 20,000 individuals back to their hometowns to embark on entrepreneurial ventures.

The fully electrified industrial chain, incorporating computer-aided design, laser cutting, and live sales presentations, has not only improved the efficiency of Mamek skirt production but has also heightened the requirements for reliable electrical service. Addressing the varied electrical needs of numerous Mamek skirt production enterprises scattered across a wide area, the State Grid Heze Power Supply Company is committed to ensuring reliable power delivery right to the doorstep. By setting up electric power convenience service points in industry-concentrated villages and towns and deploying 86 employees across 12 “grid-based” service teams, they offer ongoing emergency repairs, power maintenance, policy consultation, and energy usage analysis among other bespoke services, striving to construct a “ten-minute operation and maintenance circle” around Mamek skirt industry hubs. Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicle inspections and on-load tap-changing transformers, among other digital technologies, they ensure comprehensive electrical equipment hazard detection and guarantee “zero downtime” during crucial periods for the enterprises.

“With the steady increase in orders, we are planning to expand our capacity by installing four more jacquard machines,” stated Hu Qingchun, the head of Yunmengze Textiles Co., Ltd. “The power company’s deployment of dedicated personnel to our village has provided us with convenient and reliable electricity services, significantly boosting our confidence in pursuing further business growth and prosperity.”


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