Start a New Year with Healthy Goals with Sunkist

Any New Year To-Do-List on your mind? Let’s put “healthy goal” as your first priority. Being healthy is considered as a main part of the following goals, such as, increase of work efficiency, ability to learn new knowledge, effective time management of work-life balance as well as quality time with family.

Sunkist would like to share some tips to keep your body and mind healthy. Regular exercise, doing your favorite sport or weight training to gain more muscle helps with effective fat burning. Sufficient sleep is also crucial for renewing your energy and regaining your overall body balance.

Moreover, your lifestyle should be adjusted by including healthy diet as a part of your daily routine. Setting goal of consuming food that are nutritious with protein, fiber, vitamins. Sunkist Pistachio milk is a good grab for a quick and delicious breakfast and as a light snack during the day to fulfill your stomach and nutritious at the same time.

Sunkist pistachio milk is available in 5 flavors, includes Original, Unsweetened, Chocolate, Thai Tea, and Banana Puree in 180ml size (3 cartons/pack) at 59 baht, and 946ml size at 99 baht. You can find Sunkist Pistachio Milk at leading stores nationwide or online shopping at LINE Official: @Heritagethailand, Shopee: Heritage Official, Lazada and JD Central: Heritage. For more information please call 02-813-0954-5 or visit Sunkist’s activities at, and IG:sunkistthailand


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