SonicFi Debuts Small and Medium-Sized Business Network Products Focusing on Cloud Platform Development and AI Driven Optimization to Solve Pain Points of Company IT Administrators

HSINCHU, May 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SonicFi Inc., a brand new company aiming to provide solutions for SMB, today makes a debut of its Ronto cloud network product series in CommunicAsia 2024 in Singapore, making a proactive entry into the small and medium-sized enterprise market. Ronto SMB solutions include Controller, Indoor Wall Mount Access Point, Indoor Ceiling Mount Access Point, Managed Switch, and Outdoor Long Range Fixed Wireless Access Point. Combined with their in-house developed cloud platform and AI driven optimization features, these offerings provide an excellent and cost-effective network solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, factories, SI vendors, featuring cloud-based intelligent management.

Ronto products feature an in-house developed cloud platform, incorporating management functionalities essential for small and medium-sized enterprise networks. Through intuitive mobile applications, network deployment and management are streamlined, providing simple, intelligent, and secure networking solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

The highlights of Ronto products and network management include:

  • Easy Installation
    • BLE Installation, One-click Install
  • Easy Management
    • Zero touch provisioning, cloud based multi-site management
  • Easy Monitoring
    • Real-time topology, Wi-Fi QoE insight
  • AI Based QoE Engine
    • Diagnosing SMB intranet environment and Rating Network QoE Metric automatically
    • Analyzing user behavior and change channel/radio based on AI method
    • Fine-tuning WiFi through AI automation

The Ronto SMB solutions are tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, hotels, and schools, particularly those struggling with limited IT resources or having multiple locations. It helps expedite their network setup and enables centralized cloud-based control of all networks. The comprehensive WiFi solution further aids users and dealers in reducing their burden associated with complex cross-brand installations and management of network devices, enhancing their network management efficiency, and simplifying the demands and responsibilities placed on enterprise IT staff for network management. 

Ronto series products are designed in Taiwan and manufactured in Vietnam. At the end of June, SonicFi SMB product line will introduce the WiFi 7 Enterprise Access Points and Multiple PoE++ Ethernet Switches. We will also expand and incorporate additional products such as Voice over IP Phones (VoIP Phones) and Security Cameras. This expansion aims to meet the diverse needs of our customers, offering them a wider range of product choices.

SonicFi – Ronto SMB Solutions
SonicFi – Ronto SMB Solutions

We are thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you to join SonicFi Inc. at CommunicAsia 2024, where we’ll be showcasing groundbreaking advancements in SMB/Enterprise networking technologies.

Date: May 29-31, 2024
Location: Booth# 4F 3-7, Singapore EXPO

About SonicFi(

Established in December 2023 in Hsinchu, SonicFi leads in delivering innovative networking solutions designed for SMB, hospitality, MDUs, and commercial stores. Our diverse range of SMB networking products—from Access Points to VoIP Phones—ensures a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for all business needs. SonicFi is committed to combine Cloud Micro-Services development capability and software/hardware disaggregation to provide customer more flexible, faster and holistic services.

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