Singapore Chinese author Dr. Zhang Lu’s latest masterpiece “Legend of Mirror” book launch was successfully held at the National Library of Singapore.

SINGAPORE, March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ —  On the afternoon of March 17, 2024, the impressive new book launch event was held at the National Library of Singapore. It’s hosted by International Zheng He Society and Lingzi Media Publishing House, and co-hosted by Dew Star Club.

The event was graced by ambassadors from multiple countries and with over 150 guests gathered at ” The Pod”.

The guests flocked to the event to hear Dr. Zhang Lu ‘s insights of the fascinating stories of the Maritime Silk Route, the past and present of the “Jiangxin Mirror”, and revives innate inspiration to find one “Inner Mirror self”.

As a crucial representative work of the Maritime Silk Route cultural heritage, the latest edition of the historical fantasy adventure novel “Legend of Mirror” has gone beyond the previous edition. Author Dr. Zhang Lu finale touch after three years of sites research and dedicated creativity completed this grand and romantic story with the grand plot and delicate details.

The excitement is in the air with intense interest and expectation from readers. The launch was hosted by Mr. Chong Tien Siong, President of the International Maritime Silk Route Academy.

The keynote speech was delivered by Author Dr. Zhang Lu, President of the International Zheng He Society and Chinese Author. This is followed by the speech by Mr. Liu Thai Ker, former Chief Executive of the Housing Development Board, former Chief Executive and Chief Planner of the Urban Redevelopment Authority, and former Chairman of the National Arts Council of Singapore.

At the grand award ceremony, President Dr. Zhang Lu presented the Zheng He Friendship Gold Award to the ambassadors and contributors, in recognition of their efforts and contributions made towards the Maritime Silk Route culture and Zheng He legacy.

Distinguished guests included: Mr. Anwar Muqaibal, Charges D’affaires of the Sultanate of Oman; H.E Mr. Manuel Solano, Ambassador of Colombia; H.E Mr. Victor H. Rojas, Ambassador of Costa Rica; H.E Mr. Ahmed Mostafa, Ambassador of Egypt and his wife; H.E Mr. Suryo Pratomo, Ambassador of Indonesia; Mr. Teo Tong How, Chairman of the Goh Loo Club; Mr. Poh Choon Ann, Chairman of Musicians Society of Singapore; Mr. Lee Eng Lock, Cultural Director of the Poh Tiong Choon Group; Mr. Goh Toh Sim, President of the Singapore-China Business Association; Mr. David Zhou , President of the Australia-China Cultural Technology Association; Dr. Chen Riling, Chairman of the Indonesian Wanxin Da Group; and Ms. Zhu Shuiju, Director of Neptune Global Logistic and many others.

Dr. Zhang Lu is an ambassador for international cultural exchange and is an expert on the Maritime Silk Route whom has made outstanding contributions towards cultural exchange across Asia, also currently serves as the President of International Zheng He Society. She had researched extensively in the Legacy of Zheng He and the Maritime Silk Route culture, sharing Maritime Silk Route culture worldwide. With her International background and vision, along with years of deep cultural insights and unique perspectives, has made this novel theme of Maritime Silk Route culture, full of charm.

She is author of several bestsellers and her representative works include the first edition of “Legend of Mirror”, “Heart Strings”, “Harmony in Progress”, “A Touch of Class” and the movie “Happiness Knocks”.


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