Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid: “Family-Like Service” Empowers the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage

LIAOCHENG, China, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “The entire process of producing tribute bricks is now intimately connected with the use of electricity, increasing our requirements for power. Thankfully, your frequent inspections at our base ensure we no longer worry about the safety of our electrical equipment,” said a staff member at the Weiwan Town Tribute Brick Cultural Communication Base in Linqing City on May 28, as Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid employees surveyed the electrical facilities.

The Linqing tribute brick firing technique, a national intangible cultural heritage, has been preserved for over 500 years and carries the profound cultural heritage of the canal region. To provide the Linqing Weiwan Town Tribute Brick Cultural Communication Base with “reliable electricity,” Shandong Liaocheng Power Supply Company of State Grid has placed great emphasis and strategic focus on employing its “Family-Like Service” brand to ensure that the local intangible cultural heritage has access to quality power.

The company has formed a dedicated “Cultural Heritage Service Team,” assigning specialists to communicate regularly with the base, fully understanding the specific electricity usage patterns and production power requirements throughout different times. They have developed tailored scientific electricity service plans to ensure clients receive reliable power; this includes regular on-site safety checks, equipment monitoring, maintenance, and management using techniques such as “infrared thermography and night patrols” to enhance the supervision of surrounding lines, thus maximizing the stability of the power supply.The company also actively engages in “grid-based” management, with designated personnel responsible for direct communication with the electrical managers at the Weiwan Town Tribute Brick Cultural Communication Base. This ensures any issues are promptly addressed, enhancing the quality of service and providing clients with comforting power services.

The company remains committed to continually improving the quality of its services, using “Family-Like Service” to rejuvenate traditional crafts and empower the transmission of intangible cultural heritage with electricity. This steadfast support for rural revitalization reflects its social responsibility, contributing new vitality to rural development through reliable, safe, and comforting electricity.

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