Samyang Innochem Unveils Eco-Friendly Adhesive for EVs at CWIEME Berlin 2024, the World’s Largest Motor Core Exhibition

  • Chi-Wan Lee, head of Samyang’s research institute, presents research on the importance of adhesives for improving EV motor performance and the superiority of the company’s products
  • Eco-friendly adhesive utilizing Isosorbide shows superior adhesion, thermal stability, and oil resistance compared to conventional products
  • Room temperature curing reduces costs and time, customizable for different types and uses of steel sheets

SEOUL, South Korea, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Samyang Innochem showcased its self-developed eco-friendly motor core adhesive for electric vehicles, demonstrating its excellence and technological prowess at the world’s largest motor core exhibition. 

Samyang Innochem, a subsidiary of Samyang Group focused on chemicals, announced on the 29th that it had presented its research findings on motor core adhesives utilizing Isosorbide at this year’s Coil Winding, Insulation & Electrical Manufacturing Exhibition (CWIEME), held recently in Berlin, Germany. 

The presentation, conducted by Chi-Wan Lee, the head of Samyang’s Chemical Research Institute, was titled “Toward Greener Mobility: Biomass-based Adhesives for EV Motor Cores with Excellent Adhesion and High Oil Resistance.” It highlighted the importance of adhesives in improving the performance of EV motors and shared performance data on the company’s proprietary eco-friendly adhesive. 

Lee explained that the use of adhesives in the lamination of EV motor cores is more effective in reducing power loss and noise compared to traditional interlocking and welding methods. He also unveiled test results of the adhesive, showing superior adhesion, thermal stability, and oil resistance, making it highly suitable in the manufacture of EV motor cores. Samyang Innochem also showed off a self-bonding adhesive technology for coating steel sheets, effective in manufacturing complex or small-sized cores. 

At the exhibition, Samyang Innochem set up a promotional booth displaying three types of adhesives introduced during the research presentation, including a one-component adhesive, a two-component adhesive, and a steel sheet adhesive. The one-component adhesive has enhanced adhesion and oil resistance, while the two-component adhesive, unlike conventional products that require high-temperature curing, can cure at room temperature and offers excellent storage stability, reducing costs and time in motor manufacturing. The steel sheet adhesive is notable for being customizable based on the type and use of the steel sheets. During the exhibition, Samyang Innochem’s booth attracted more than 40 motor core manufacturers and automotive parts companies from around the world for meetings. 

Samyang Innochem’s EV motor core adhesives are currently in mass production through domestic motor core manufacturers and are being applied to two domestic vehicle models. The company plans to expand its application to multiple domestic and international vehicle models this year. 

Ho-Sung Kang, CEO of Samyang Innochem, emphasized, “The motor is crucial for the performance of electric vehicles, and an adhesive with excellent performance is essential to reduce power loss and maximize motor efficiency.” He added, “We aim to promote the superiority of Samyang Innochem adhesives through various domestic and international exhibitions and secure new partners, including motor core manufacturers, OEMs, and electrical steel manufacturers.” 

Currently, in its 27th year, CWIEME is the world’s largest motor core-related exhibition, attracting motor core and steel companies from around the globe annually. This year, more than 600 companies participated, with approximately 6,000 visitors.

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