Protect and Supercharge Health and Immunity with VIVID by Verita’s Glutathione Max

VIVID by Verita Health at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel offers the powerful antioxidant benefits of its Glutathione Max IV Drip fourfold with a special Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion, special for Mother’s Day month August 2021. Glutathione is an essential antioxidant that helps the body defend against aging and disease that VIVID has harnessed in an intravenous treatment. Guests can take advantage of VIVID’s meticulously formulated glutathione drips, administered by experienced professionals, for a brighter complexion and healthier immune system to improve overall wellness, especially during these stressful times.

Researchers have found glutathione to be key in a wide range of functions, from supporting immune systems to regenerating vitamins C and E to detoxing the body of damaging free radicals and heavy metals such as mercury and much more. Ensuring proper levels of glutathione through intravenous treatments, such as the VIVID by Verita Glutathione Max IV Drip, can reap many benefits, including:

· Protecting the body from free radicals that can damage skin cells, circulatory systems, and other functions.

· Improving liver performance in handling fats to counteract damage from fatty build-up, alcohol intake, and other liver diseases.

· Potentially reducing symptoms related to Parkinson’s disease and easing insulin resistance that may lead to Type 2 diabetes.

The Glutathione Max IV Drip Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion allows clients to affordably achieve glutathione’s benefits over a prolonged period or to share their path to improved wellness with loved ones. At just 9,000 THB++ for four Glutathione Max IV Drip treatments, they can relax in VIVID by Verita’s soothing, luxurious treatment centre, as medically trained specialists painlessly administer each 15-minute regimen [over a suggested four-month period].

As a specialised healthcare provider, VIVID by Verita continues to provide our services during the current restrictions from our central Bangkok location at Anantara Siam. With experienced doctors and medical practitioners researching and developing formulas for the greatest efficacy and results, guests can revive and revitalise as needed with a range of IV drips featuring such key components as vitamin C and zinc for immunity; coenzyme Q10 for brain function; rhodiola, ashwagandha, and valerian calm to fight fatigue and stress; L-carnitine and rhodiola for energy; and melatonin, amino acid 5-HTP, ashwagandha, and to improve relaxation and sleep.

For more information about the Glutathione Max Buy 3 Get 1 Free promotion or about a consultation for a personalised treatment programme at VIVID by Verita, please contact Tel. 02 003 4918 or Line @: @vividbyverita