Professional Computer Modernizes IT Infrastructure with Nutanix As Part of Its Goal to Be Thailand’s Leading IT Services Provider

Boosts productivity with HCI and powerful software solutions from Nutanix

Professional Computer Co., Ltd. (PCC) today said it used Nutanix technology to modernise its datacenter, enabling PCC to increase the efficiency of its management and work processes, and create services faster to meet ever-changing customer needs.

PCC is one of the biggest IT system integrators in Thailand, serving customers for more than 3 decades.  It helps enterprises digitise their businesses by providing a range of services including proof of concepts, application development, and production environment testing. It also includes Nutanix technology in the projects it presents to its customers, which has included work for KTB Computer Services Co., Ltd., and the Comptroller General’s Department.

“PCC’s mission is to provide the best IT solutions to customers by delivering innovative solutions and high-quality services that increase the efficiency of people and processes and company profitability,” said Mr. Saknarong Saengsangapong, president and CEO of Professional Computer Co., Ltd. “Since most of our customers are government agencies, system consistency, scalability, and safety, as well as ease of use and cost effectiveness, are critical when developing solutions or presenting projects. Nutanix enables us to help our customers become modern organisations capable of continuously innovating to expand business opportunities, with great success along the path of digital transformation for years to come.”

PCC bases its application software development and operational applications on Nutanix’s hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). “We switched to Nutanix’s HCI to centralise our applications and software development on a single platform, which provides unified management and streamlines all hardware procurement processes,” Mr. Saknarong continued. “In the past, we always had to purchase hardware separately, but now we can do it all in one process, making maintenance much easier. Nutanix’s solutions also seamlessly integrate with existing legacy products, enabling us to maximise our agility.”

PCC is also using Nutanix software solutions including Nutanix Prism which provides a single control plane to simplify IT management; Nutanix Kubernetes Engine for developing cloud-native applications; NCM Self-Service which improves provisioning speed and analyses various application environments before placing them; and finally, Nutanix Flow which contributes significantly to application and network security for internal company processes. PCC is considering deploying Nutanix Files in the coming years.

Nutanix technology has centralised PCC’s IT workloads, reduced PCC’s OPEX by around 20 percent, and cut PCC’s application development time from weeks to a few days. Furthermore, Nutanix has assisted PCC in performing process and development uploads to systems with nearly zero downtime, lowering maintenance costs and shortening the time it takes to add nodes from weeks to only 1-2 days. In addition, PCC’s development teams can test or deploy resources in just a few hours, which is down from 2 to 3 days in the past.

“Nutanix thanks PCC for its trust in our technology,” said Mr. Thawipong Anotaisinthawee, Nutanix Thailand country manager. “We are confident our solutions meet the needs of forward-looking organisations searching for cutting-edge and efficient tools to propel them into the future. We offer an efficient hybrid multicloud platform and a comprehensive set of solutions that are adaptable, simple to use, scalable, automated, highly secure, and compatible with all workload types and environments. These solutions enable all processes and workloads at any time in line with today’s hybrid operating model. We are also honoured to be a part of PCC’s success in mitigating customers’ concerns about their IT infrastructure while focusing on applications and innovative services that drive business.”


About PCC
Professional Computer Co., Ltd. (PCC) is an IT services provider specializing in government agencies and the public banking sector, with infrastructure system integration services and implementation, application development services, and maintenance services for a wide range of international-compliant systems. PCC also plays a vital role in the government’s digital transformation, with experienced expert teams in customer services and rapid business changes.

Media contact:
Tel: 02-106-6000 ext. 6141


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