Proactive Service Focus: Optimizing Power Business Environment

ZIBO, China, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — “The power supply company took the initiative to offer door-to-door (DTD) services to solve our electricity needs. That’s beyond appreciation!” On April 23rd, staffs from the State Grid Gaoqing County Power Supply Company (managed by State Grid Zibo Power Supply Company) paid an on-site visit to the local project of new material energy-saving improvement and renovation to understand the construction of the project to ensure quick access to electricity for customers.

As a key project in the local area, this project holds significant importance for the high-quality development of the local economy. To fully meet the electricity needs of a new batch of key projects and implement the service concept of “Power Supply Precedes Development”, the State Grid Gaoqing County Power Supply Company proactively gained insights into the construction of the projects and their electricity demands at the beginning of the approval. Various departments collaborated to conduct surveys and designs in advance with full-process tracking services to ensure the timely delivery of power supporting facilities before the completion of the projects.

Meanwhile, the company actively engaged with key projects, establishing individual records for each project with electricity needs. Weekly communication on project updates and full-process projects tracking were also involved to meet the electricity demands of customers and synchronize the construction of projects with electricity supply. Cater to the electricity needs of key projects, the State Grid Gaoqing County Power Supply Company will strengthen internal coordination, process supervision and interdisciplinary collaboration, initiating the processes of power supporting projects in advance to enhance service standards and safeguard rapid electricity access for enterprises.

Next, the State Grid Gaoqing County Power Supply Company will committed to optimizing the power business environment, reinforce full-process tracking services for major projects, and undertake a long-term planing and layout of power facilities to comprehensively support local economic development.

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