Praram 9 Hospital policies and procedures for patients during COVID-19 pandemic.

Praram 9 Hospital policies and procedures for patients during COVID-19 pandemic.

Praram 9 hospital has developed a policy and procedure plan for specialist and staff members when caring for patients during COVID-19. Our aim is to build confidence in our patients about our excellent service and our COVID-19 safety policy. We currently have multiple care service options for our patients to pick from that does not involve them visiting our hospital. These include: PR9 Telemedicine services, Home-care services, and our Drive-in services.

Dr. Somchai Leelasiriwong, M.D and advisor to risk managers at Praram 9 Hospital would like to assure our patients that we take their safety very seriously, especially those who have to visit the hospital often due to their conditions.

“People with complicated diseases like heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes or cancer, which they require ongoing care, these patients tend to have a weaker immune system than the general population. The COVID-19 outbreak has caused concern for these group of people, therefore the complex medical center at Praram 9 Hospital has developed an intensive safety and care measure to build confidence for all patients and patient’s family members”

During arrival to the hospital, both patients and staff will go through a screening process: body temperature, travel history, flu symptoms, and general wellbeing will be asked. Patients with high risk will be separated from normal patients in terms of both area and staff members in charge of their service. Not only that, but Praram 9 Hospital practices safe social distancing and organizes both patient and staff’s schedule to reduce traffic and congestion.

Dr. Somchain, M.D has also mentioned how Praram 9 Hospital will reach and answer our patient’s needs with the help of our new advance services so they would not need to leave the comfort of their homes.

“Praram 9 Hospital has created access to additional treatment options. Praram 9 hospital now has “PR9 telemedicine” service where patients can have a consultation session with their doctor through a VDO call right from their home. Patients can have their symptoms assessed and medication prescribed by our doctors. Other additional treatment options include our Drive-in Service at Building B where you can get a blood test or vaccination service. Our newest development is our Home Care service where our nurses can travel to your home to provide you with vaccination and care.”