Phone-Tracking App MFinder Surpasses 1 Million Downloads

NEW YORK, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — DataUniverse’s phone-tracking app MFinder has surpassed one million downloads on Google Play. This milestone was achieved just three months after marketing efforts were expanded beyond North America to include India, Indonesia, and other markets, following a period of service stabilization. A representative from DataUniverse stated, “We saw a significant demand for lost phone recovery services among Android users since the app’s launch. We are now expanding to more than 70 countries and actively promoting the service for wider adoption.”

Find your lost phone easier than ever with MFinder, the best location tracker app.
Find your lost phone easier than ever with MFinder, the best location tracker app.

MFinder is an Android-exclusive app designed to help users quickly locate lost mobile phones and protect important data. The app is easy to use: users simply install it in advance and sign up using a Google account, completing a few simple settings to get started.

If a phone is lost, users can log into the MFinder website, at which point the phone will automatically switch to Lost & Locked mode to prevent unauthorized access. The lock screen of the phone will display a message and emergency contact information to aid in recovery.

The lost phone’s location is tracked and recorded every 30 minutes. Each time this happens, photos are taken using the phone’s front and rear cameras, making it easier to pinpoint its exact location. If someone tries to tamper with the phone, the app detects volume button presses to track the location and take photos to help identify the finder. To alert those nearby to the phone’s location, users can use the siren and text-to-speech (TTS) message feature, which activates an alarm and broadcasts messages at maximum volume even if the phone is in vibrate or silent mode.

MFinder also allows users to remotely activate the phone’s cameras and microphone, enabling them to observe the surroundings in real-time and request immediate help from people nearby. If there are concerns about personal information, financial data, or other important data being leaked, the necessary files can be backed up, and if the phone is considered irretrievable, the data protection feature can be used to delete everything on the phone.

MFinder is available as a subscription service and currently offers a 14-day free trial. More information can be found on the Mfinder website or on Google Play:
– Website:
– Google Play:

About DataUniverse

Founded in 2018, DataUniverse leverages information and communications technology (ICT) to tackle social issues such as phishing crimes (voice phishing, text message phishing, etc.), personal information leaks via mobile phones, and the growing demand for elder care due to an aging population. As of July 1, 2024, the company serves more than 3 million users in South Korea with its four proprietary app services on a monthly subscription basis. This year, DataUniverse expanded globally through the launch of MFinder, providing the service to Android users worldwide.

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