Orbbec Showcases Microsoft Azure Kinect DK Replacement at NVIDIA GTC 2024

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Orbbec(688322.SH), a trailblazer in the Chinese 3D vision sector and collaborative partner of Microsoft and NVIDIA, showcased its Femto Bolt and Femto Mega iToF cameras as innovative alternatives to the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK during the NVIDIA GTC 2024. Orbbec demonstrated various solutions leveraging NVIDIA platforms, spotlighting breakthroughs in next-gen robotics vision and 3D scanning technologies.

Femto Bolt & Femto Mega are the Official Alternatives to Azure Kinect DK
Femto Bolt & Femto Mega are the Official Alternatives to Azure Kinect DK

Under the theme “Powering 3D Vision AI,” Orbbec exhibited an advanced intelligent picking solution, harnessing the capabilities of the Femto Bolt and the Universal Robots robotic arm, all integrated with the NVIDIA Orin AGX AI computing platform. This solution excels in detecting, picking, and placing items with unmatched precision. It effortlessly manages complex tasks involving overlapping, irregular, and even transparent or reflective objects, setting a new standard for bin picking technology.

Orbbec has been officially endorsed to carry forward the Microsoft Azure Kinect DK product lineage, positioning its Femto series as the endorsed alternatives by Microsoft. The Femto Bolt stands shoulder to shoulder with the Azure Kinect DK in depth performance but surpasses it with several superior features: enhanced RGB imaging with High Dynamic Range (HDR) support, optimized synchronization across multiple cameras or with lower-end host systems, ensured connection stability with a USB lock, and a more compact design for versatile application in robotics, health, media and dimension.

Further, Orbbec displayed a robotic multi-camera vision system based on RGBD cameras and Orin AGX, alongside a high-precision (50µm) 3D scanning system powered by Orin Nano, aimed at ODM/OEM projects. Compatible with the NVIDIA Isaac Sim platform, Orbbec’s 3D cameras amplify simulation capabilities for robotics and AI research, bridging the gap from conceptual frameworks to industrial applications with a spectrum of 3D cameras rooted in the NVIDIA platform, complemented by Orbbec’s mass production capabilities and comprehensive ODM/OEM services.

Orbbec also featured applications and case studies from Hiwonder’s JetHexa educational robot, Smart Robots, Velogicfit, Bear Robotics, among others, providing a window into the vast potential of 3D vision technology.

About Orbbec

Orbbec Inc., a vanguard in robot vision and AI vision technology from China, delivers high-performance 3D vision cameras and solutions for robotics, AI vision, 3D scanning, biometrics, and beyond. With a global clientele exceeding 1,000 in various industries, Orbbec continues to pioneer the advancement of 3D vision capabilities worldwide.

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