NIP Group Actively Promotes Women’s Esports Development, Collaborating with NIP IMPACT Team Star Players

BEIJING, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — NIP Group, a leading global esports organization, celebrates the significant role and unlimited potential of women in the esports field on the occasion of International Women’s Day. This celebration is particularly represented by twins Kiara “Qiyarah” Janssen and Naomi “Nayomy” Janssen of the NIP IMPACT team, showcasing NIP Group’s commitment to promoting equality and development in women’s esports.

In September 2023, two NIP Impact Counter-Strike team players, twin sisters Kiara and Naomi Janssen, won the IESF Female World Championship in Iași with Team Netherlands in 2023. Following up, the twins were formally invited to their hometown city hall, received a ‘Distinction of Honour’ and were appointed Esports Ambassadors. Kiara and Naomi said they are incredibly proud and feel honored to not only win the world champion, but also become the Esports Ambassadors of their hometown. Branchevereniging Esports Nederland (BEN) is delivering living proof that esports have long entered mainstream and actively recognized in Europe.

Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP), as one of the globally influential and appealing esports organizations under NIP Group, continues to explore the potential of women in the esports industry. NIP entered the women’s scene with NIP IMPACT in 2022 competing in the ESL Impact League for Counter-Strike. Since the team’s inception, it has attracted talented female gaming athletes from all over the world. Joining NIP IMPACT team in 2023, twin players Naomi and Kiara have supported the team bringing home multiple tournament wins in Seasons 4 and 5 of the ESL Impact League.

Featuring the twins, NIP produced a documentary titled “Back to the Roots”, delving into Kiara and Naomi’s journey of becoming professional esports players. Since joining NIP, the twins have continually improved their esports performance, showing the great potential of women in the field. “We think NIP is really great in supporting us as a female team. When we have bootcamps at the HQ, we always feel so supported”. Naomi and Kiara said, “The current status of women in the esports industry has improved a lot over these past years, but of course it has some ways to go. It would be nice for more tournaments and organizers to get involved”.

In order to promote the positive development of women in the esports industry, NIP Group has organized a series of activities to contribute to the development of women’s esports. In December 2023, the NIP esports organization hosted the Women’s LAN 2023 event in Stockholm, Sweden. This event not only promoted esports culture but also furthered the development of diversity and inclusivity in the esports industry. The members of NIP IMPACT attended the event to discuss the team’s progress and share their professional experiences and insights as women in the esports industry. Erik Wendel, Director of Esports at NIP, commented, “NIP Group will continue to invest more resources and energy to promote the development of women’s esports. We firmly believe that with more opportunities and resources, women will not only excel but also deliver even greater performances in the esports arena”.

While promoting the development of women’s esports, NIP Group actively practices corporate social responsibility, committed to environmental protection, poverty alleviation and industry ecological co-construction. Adhering to the mission of “Create transformative esports experiences that entertain, inspire and connect fans across the globe”, NIP Group is dedicated to creating sustainable partnerships and promoting diversity and inclusion in the industry.

Through their initiatives, NIP Group aims not only to advance women’s esports but also spread humanistic values through esports gaming, forge enduring partnerships, inspire a greater sense of positive social energy, and collaboratively construct a better society.

On this special day of International Women’s Day, NIP Group extends its sincerest wishes to female esports players and lovers of gaming around the world. In the future, the Group will continue to explore the talents and potentials of women and look forward to more female players showcasing their enthusiasm in esports industry.

About NIP Group

NIP Group is a comprehensive digital sports group with esports clubs as its core business, supported by diversified ventures including esports events and esports talent development. As the one of the largest and most influential comprehensive digital sports groups in the world, NIP Group manages well-known esports brands eStar Gaming and Ninjas in Pyjamas, and the Group operates in various countries and regions, including China, Europe and South America. It has home courts in Wuhan and Shenzhen, with regional offices in Stockholm, Shanghai and São Paulo.

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