Next-Generation AI-Powered Cat Litter Box, PUROBOT ULTRA, Raises Over $200K in Under 24 Hours on Indiegogo

LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PETKIT, a global leader in smart pet care solutions, achieved crowdfunding success with its PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA on Indiegogo. This next-generation AI-powered cat litter box, featuring multi-cat facial recognition, toilet behavior tracking, data-driven analyses and more, surpassed its initial raising goal by 2000% – raising over $200,000 under 24 hours – underscoring the growing awareness and concern among pet parents for comprehensive pet welfare monitoring and the demand for innovative products like PUROBOT ULTRA.

PETKIT PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA: AI Self-Cleaning Smart Litter Box Redefines Pet Care. This revolutionary AI litter box uses Artificial Intelligence Camera for proactive multi-pet care. Smart features like toilet habits tracking, stool monitoring, behavior analysis enabled by the AI camera. Innovative AI solution for the ultimate self-cleaning experience. Goodbye traditional pet parenting, hello to AI-driven smart pet care.

Pioneering a New Standard – How PUROBOT ULTRA was Innovated

While self-cleaning cat litter boxes have become increasingly common since the 1990s, most iterations prioritized owner convenience over comprehensive pet health monitoring. Recognizing this gap, PETKIT innovated the PUROBOT ULTRA. By capturing multi-dimensional data on litter habits and behavior powered by AI, its integrated camera lays the foundation for comprehensive feline health monitoring tailored to understanding and translating pets’ needs – a pioneering approach that sets it apart from conventional litter box solutions focused solely on convenience.

How Camera and AI-Powered Analysis Plays a Vital Role in PUROBOT ULTRA

“Your cat can’t speak up and tell you that something is wrong, but you may get the message through their litter box habits,” said Pam Johnson-Bennett, a world-renowned cat behaviorist. “Don’t overlook the importance of litter box monitoring.” The PUROBOT ULTRA WITH CAMERA breakthrough elevates beyond tracking toilet frequency to real-time behavioral tracking. Its AI camera follows pre/during-visit movements within range while monitoring stool characteristics like color, consistency, and contents post-visit—offering owners potential early disease warning signs. This aligns with Dr. Stanley Marks’s research, which highlights that nowadays the majority of fecal analysis methods are manual inspections visually judged by veterinarians based on shape, size, quality, and color – something the PUROBOT ULTRA can now automate to provide reference. Johnson-Bennett also highlighted difficulties in identifying litter box issues in multi-cat households, stating, “The most accurate way to determine which cat is eliminating outside of the litter box is to set up a surveillance camera.” The PUROBOT ULTRA takes pet recognition to the next level by combining weight detection with advanced AI facial and fur recognition for unparalleled accuracy, even in multi-pet environments.

More PUROBOT ULTRA’s Standout Features for Pet Parents

Few more things to note is that PUROBOT ULTRA is Wi-Fi connected and remotely controllable via the PETKIT App, providing owners with access to visualized health insight reports with detailed records for each pet. Its auto-waste packing system automatically packs, seals, and refills trash bags – sparing owners from ever touching foul litter again. Further innovative features of PUROBOT ULTRA can be explored on the PETKIT Indiegogo page.

PETKIT’s Community-Driven Approach – Reason Why Launching on Indiegogo

“At PETKIT, we are driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation and a commitment to co-creating with our community,” said W.K Guo, Founder of PETKIT. The PUROBOT ULTRA campaign reinforces PETKIT’s commitment to innovation, marking their third successful Indiegogo crowdfunding launch. Perfectly aligned with its community-driven ethos, PETKIT embraced real-time feedback, direct community engagement, design storytelling, and collaborative co-creation with backers. This open communication model fuels PETKIT’s continuous innovation to meet the diverse needs of pet owners globally.

The PUROBOT ULTRA Indiegogo campaign offered pet enthusiasts and tech aficionados a chance to discover the cutting edge of smart pet care. Those eager to learn more about this groundbreaking product can visit PETKIT’s official Indiegogo page for detailed information and stay tuned for future updates on this innovative offering.

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