MSC won HPE Strategic Award 2021 From Hewlett Packard Enterprise


Metro Systems Corporation Public Company (MSC) won “HPE Strategic Award 2021 – Best GreenLake Reseller” from “HPE Partner Kickoff 2022” on February 24, 2022

Mr. Chirasak Trangkineenart, Vice President of Digital Solutions Business proud to receive the “HPE Strategic Award 2021 – Best GreenLake Reseller” honored by Mr. Palasilp Vichivanives, Managing Director of Hewlett Packard Enterprise (Thailand) Ltd., which awarded to partners who operate and have the highest sales in the GreenLake Solution (On Premise Pay Per Use) segment in the past 2021 years.

The award presented the HPE GreenLake Solution with a flexible consumption base. The solution allows customers to efficiently manage their IT resources and expenses in another form of Cloud. This make the Metro Systems successes in IT Business and Enterprise Solution over 35 years. Metro Systems always able to respond to changes in the digital age and has always been supported the customers successes.

For more information please contact: Digital Solutions Group, Metro Systems Corporation Public Company Limited (MSC) Call: 02-089-4994 email: Website : Facebook :

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