Meet China’s Changjiang: A Rendezvous with its cultural and artistic fusion

Recently, at the closing ceremony of the Fashion Week of the 2024 China International Consumer Products Expo, “Rendezvous with Changjiang”, a fashion show produced by Changjiang Li Autonomous County of Hainan Province and esteemed designers, showcased the beauty of Changjiang, of Hainan, and of China to the world.

With elements like Changjiang red silk-cotton tree, Li brocade, Li pottery, and more, the closing show featured a runway decorated with Changjiang bamboo rafts, Li pottery, looms, and Li brocade curtains on both sides, immersing the audience in the unique natural beauty and cultural richness of Changjiang. Fashion designers also creatively incorporated Changjiang’s cultural elements into their designs, blending traditional aesthetics with modern design art to produce a series of national specialty fashions, offering a vivid illustration of its cultural excellence.

As the largest high-quality consumer products exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, the Expo provided a platform for more than 4,000 brands from 71 countries and regions this year, which has deepened exchanges and cooperation in economics, trade, and culture.

According to officials from the Convergence Media Center of Changjiang, the county has been collaborating with the Expo’s Fashion Week for the third consecutive year, demonstrating its commitment to showcasing Changjiang’s culture to the world. Moreover, in March this year, “cowhide stool”, the Changjiang’s provincial-level intangible cultural heritage, was exhibited at the “Bonjour Chine, Soleil Hainan” International Image Exhibition and Hainan Tourism and Cultural Promotion Event in Paris, France, and has attracted significant attention from French audiences and international media.

Source: Convergence Media Center of Changjiang