Magic Box Project: SIG


Magic Box Project: SIG and partners donate student desks and chairs recycled from used beverage cartons

SIG Combibloc donates 40 sets of desks and chairs, using 100,000 recycled used beverage cartons (UBCs), to Ban Mae Toh School and Ban Mae Yang Ha School, Chiangmai

The Magic Box – Recycling for Sharing Project, initiated in 2020 by SIG Combibloc, and partnering with CP All PLC, Ampol Food Processing Co., Ltd., TP Logistics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., and Packaging Alliance, as well as others, involves further collaboration from the public and CP office employees through the donation of used beverage cartons at three 7-11 stores in Nakhon Pathom province: Krathum Lom 19, Krathum Lom 27, and Krathum Lom Municipality. This initiative enabled the collection of around 100,000 used cartons which were recycled to produce 40 sets of student desks and chairs, and then donated to schools in need.

Mr. Vatcharapong Ungsrisawasdi, Country Manager of SIG Thailand: The Magic Box Project demonstrates that new and sustainable products can be obtained from UBCs if they are properly recycled. SIG hopes that this sustainable recycling method will lead to more beneficial projects.

The collected 100,000 UBCs were transformed into durable, water-resistant, and termite-resistant chipboard, an excellent material for constructing student desks and chairs.

Recycling packaging material to return value to society is part of SIG’s core vision under the ‘Way Beyond Good’ roadmap to becoming a net positive business by contributing more to society and the environment than what is taken out – across SIG’s value chain. This collaborative program also helps to raise public awareness regarding the importance of recycling programs and the potential to expand to a wider scale.

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