Luxshare-TECH Preview for OFC 2024: Collaborating with Ecosystem Partners to Explore Cutting-Edge Technologies


  • Luxshare-TECH will showcase its latest AI and data center optical interconnect products and solutions at OFC 2024.
  • The company collaborates with industry leaders like MACOM, POET, Spirent, and Keysight to drive innovation and development in optical interconnect technologies.
  • Visit Luxshare-TECH booth #3044 to see demonstrations of 800G QSFP-DD AOC, 800G OSFP 2xDR4/2xFR4 DPO, and other products.

SAN DIEGO, March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The rise of artificial intelligence and big data has fueled the widespread adoption of optical interconnect technologies in data centers and communication networks. As a leading player in the optical communications industry, Luxshare-TECH actively collaborates with industry ecosystem partners to jointly research, develop, and deliver cutting-edge technologies and products.

At the upcoming OFC 2024, Luxshare-TECH will join forces with industry leaders like MACOM, POET, Spirent, and Keysight to showcase the latest advancements in optical interconnect technologies.

@MACOM Booth #3025 Presentation of 400G Q112 DR4 LPO & 800G OSFP DR8 LPO

MACOM, a renowned supplier of electrical chips, boasts extensive technical expertise and a rich product line in the field of optical communications. This collaboration strengthens both parties’ capabilities in linear driving technology for optical modules, contributing further advancements to the optical communications industry.

@POET Booth #5001 Presentation of 800G OSFP 2xFR4 DPO

POET is a frontrunner in Photonic Integrated Circuits (PIC) technology, with products widely used in optical communications, LiDAR, and other applications. By partnering with POET, Luxshare-TECH accelerates progress in PIC technology research and application, propelling the optical communications industry towards higher integration and lower power consumption.

@Spirent Booth #1515 Presentation of 800G OSFP 2xDR4/2xFR4 DPO

Spirent, a leader in communication test solutions, offers traffic analyzers and testing platforms extensively used in developing and validating various communication equipment. This collaboration empowers Luxshare-TECH with enhanced capabilities in testing and validating optical modules, ensuring industry-leading product performance and reliability. Live demonstrations will showcase the interconnection testing of Spirent B2 800G 8-Port Appliances with Luxshare-TECH’s 800G OSFP 2xDR4/2xFR4 DPO.

@LuxshareTech Booth #3044 Presentation of 800G QSFP-DD AOC & 800G OSFP 2xDR4/2xFR4 DPO

Keysight, another distinguished name in electronic measurement, provides testing solutions widely recognized for their high quality standards across the design, development, and production stages of electronic products. Partnering with Keysight strengthens Luxshare-TECH’s capabilities in testing and validating electronic components and systems. By integrating Keysight’s advanced testing technologies and equipment, Luxshare-TECH will achieve more accurate product performance and quality assessments, ultimately enhancing product reliability and stability. Live demonstrations will showcase the interconnection of Luxshare-TECH’s 800G QSFP-DD AOC and 800G OSFP 2xDR4/2xFR4 DPO with Keysight’s 800GE Dual Interface Model-M.

OFC 2024 will be held grandly in San Diego, USA, from March 26 to 28, 2024. Luxshare-TECH will showcase a range of cutting-edge AI and Data Center optical interconnect products and live demos. We look forward to welcoming you to booth #3044 to explore the bright future of optical interconnects together!

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