LOTTE rent-a-car employees recommend ‘Jeju Island’ as a domestic travel destination

  • LOTTE rent-a-car Jeju Autohouse employees directly suggest tourist courses, restaurants, and cafes 
  • As of early April this year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Jeju increased by 525.7% compared to the same period last year.
  • LOTTE rent-a-car opens Chinese and Japanese website

SEOUL, South Korea, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — LOTTE rental announced that it has selected Jeju Island as the second region of ‘LOTTE rental-road’ and will introduce representative travel courses and restaurants.

‘LOTTE rental-road’ is a project where local LOTTE rent-a-car employees recommend travel courses and food that can be enjoyed with a rental car by utilizing LOTTE rental’s industry’s largest nationwide sales network. Starting with Busan last March, we will introduce attractive tourist destinations in Korea four times in June, September, and December. Selected local tourist attractions, restaurants, and cafes will be opened through the LOTTE rent-a-car integrated app, website, and SNS channels.

LOTTE rent-a-car is the company with the largest share of the rental car market in Korea. As the use of rent-a-car by foreigners visiting Korea is increasing, we have professional response staff and rental manuals for foreign customers. We operate a 24-hour customer center so we can respond to incidents at any time.

The second region is Jeju Island, known as ‘Hawaii of Korea’. It is the southernmost island in Korea and is an island created by volcanic activity. Along with Seoul, the capital of Korea, Jeju Island is also a destination visited by many foreign tourists. Jeju Island is considered a tourist destination with many things to see in Korea. As it is a place visited by numerous domestic and foreign tourists every year, Jeju Island was selected as the second region so that people can enjoy beautiful nature, unique food, and various attractions through LOTTE rental’s unrivaled service.

According to the Jeju Island Tourism Association, the number of foreign tourists visiting Jeju has recovered to pre-COVID-19 levels as international flight operations and cruise port arrivals have expanded. The fact that the entry process has become simpler with the visa-free system that allows you to stay without a visa for 30 days, and the fact that Jeju Island is widely known through Korean content is the reason why foreign tourists are heading to Jeju Island. As of April 3, the number of foreign tourists who visited Jeju was 386,787, a whopping 525.7% increase from the previous year’s figure of 61,821. China had the largest number at 310,499, followed by Taiwan with 26,655 people, Singapore with 8,414 people, and Japan with 4,447 people.

The proportion of foreign customers who rent LOTTE rent-a-car in Jeju Island is increasing every year. The proportion of foreign customers compared to the total customers of LOTTE rent-a-car Jeju Auto House was in the single digits at 1.7% in 2020, 1.1% in 2021, and 5.8% in 2022, and then jumped to 16.3% in 2023. As of April 21 this year, this proportion is 19.8%. One out of five customers who rented a car at LOTTE rent-a-car Jeju Auto House is a foreigner. As of the same day, the nationalities of Jeju Auto House’s foreign customers were in that order: Singapore, Taiwan, the United States, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

In response to the increase in foreign customers, LOTTE rent-a-car opened a Chinese and Japanese website last month in addition to its English website. Customers who speak Chinese and Japanese will also be able to use rental car reservation, management, and consultation services in their native language. We plan to strengthen LOTTE rent-a-car brand awareness and credibility in the global market by providing services in various languages.

LOTTE rent-a-car Jeju Autohouse proposes a Jeju Island travel tour course divided into western and eastern parts, allowing you to enjoy Jeju Island’s summer along with its beautiful natural scenery.

The western course starts from O’sulloc tea museum and goes to Geum Parasitic Cone(Geumoreum) and Camellia Hill. O’sulloc tea museum is Korea’s first museum specializing in tea. The entire building was made in the shape of a green tea cup. The scent of green tea filling the room and the green tea fields visible through the floor-to-ceiling windows put the mind at ease, making it a popular attraction for many tourists visiting Jeju. At the tea house, you can enjoy hot tea roasted by the tea master, beverage ice cream made with Osulloc green tea, roll cakes, etc.

There is a saying that ‘the real Jeju must be seen from the top of an oreum.’ Oreum is a peak created by volcanic activity. There are about 360 oreums on Jeju Island. Geum Oreum, one of the representative oreums in western Jeju Island, can be reached by car to the summit. Accessibility is good and the trail is well maintained. As it was introduced to many people through music videos and broadcasts, it became an essential travel destination in Jeju.

Summer in Jeju begins with hydrangeas blooming. Sky blue, light green, and pink pastel-toned hydrangeas, which are in full bloom from mid-June, can be seen at Camellia Hill, the largest camellia arboretum in Asia. Hydrangeas grow tall and abundantly, forming a tunnel. There are many cute photo spots in the arboretum, so it is especially popular among tourists with couples and families.

The eastern course starts from Bijarim Forest. Bijarim Forest, designated as a natural monument, is the largest colony of bija trees in Korea. There are about 2,800 nutmeg trees growing here, making it the world’s largest colony of a single variety. As you walk along the refreshing phytoncide-filled walking path, you will naturally fall in love with the charm of forest bathing.

Not far from Bijarim Forest is Seongsan Ilchulbong, which was created when magma erupted from the water. Seongsan Ilchulbong is shaped like a towering fortress amidst the blue sea. When you reach the top, you can see a huge bowl-shaped crater at a glance. It was named ‘Seongsan’ because it looks like a huge castle, and ‘Ilchulbong’ because the view of the sun rising is spectacular. Climbing the steep stairs to the top makes you out of breath, but you can reach the top in just 30 minutes.

The restaurants recommended directly by our employees are as follows. △Octopus bibimbap and sea urchin bibimbap topped with vegetables that can only be eaten from May to September △A place where you can taste Jeju local food and tender boiled pork △A boneless braised cutlassfish restaurant △A meat noodle restaurant with rich meat broth and a strong peppery scent.

The following cafes are where you can enjoy dessert and coffee after a meal and have excellent taste and atmosphere. △A place where delicious laffe sandwiches made with carrots from Jeju △A place where salt bread is a signature and a must-visit course on the Jeju bakery tour △A cafe that makes its own gelato every day without using artificial colors △A cafe in a remodeled old house with delicious croissants.

Detailed information about Jeju attractions and restaurants introduced by LOTTE rent-a-car employees can be found on LOTTE rent-a-car’s SNS.

In addition, all LOTTE rent-a-car branches are offering a free charging promotion for all foreign customers who rent electric vehicles. You can recharge for free with this charge card during the rental period.

LOTTE rental, stated, “It was planned to improve customer satisfaction by providing the best service to customers visiting domestic tourist spots based on LOTTE rental’s nationwide sales network, the largest in the industry. We ask for your interest and participation in the regions we will introduce in the future.”

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