LONGi Exhibits at the 2024 Korea International Green Energy Exhibition (GEE)

DAEGU, South Korea, April 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — From April 24th to 26th, 2024 Korea International Green Energy Exhibition (GEE) was held in Daegu Exhibition Center. This exhibition is known as the largest domestic solar professional exhibition in Korea, the third largest in Asia and the tenth largest in the world. LONGi made a grand appearance with Hi-MO series high-efficiency modules and customized product solution in the show.

At the exhibition, LONGi exhibited its hot product, the Hi-MO 7 series, with the new standard size of 2382*1134mm, which adheres to the 72-cell format to ensure product quality and electrical compatibility. Delivering N-type modules with 600W+ power output, the Hi-MO 7 series boasts a conversion efficiency of up to 22.5% and a maximum power output of 610W. It offers superior performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, garnering significant attention and favor from customers in Korea.

Another highlight of LONGi booth is the Anti-dust solution display. Dust accumulation on PV modules is extremely harmful. It not only reduces the power generation capacity but also increases operational costs of solar panels. Moreover, it significantly raises the risk of hotspots on the PV modules.

To address this major problem of routine maintenance in the Korean market, LONGi demonstrates customized anti-dust solutions.

Solution 1: Hi-MO X6 high-efficiency anti-dust accumulation PV module

By designing the module with an anti-ash accumulation border and optimizing and upgrading the structure of the module, it effectively improves the drainage and sewage capacity of the module, reduces the power generation loss caused by water and ash accumulation, and achieves the purpose of no ash accumulation, no water accumulation and high gain, which not only reduces the impact of ash accumulation, but also reduces to a certain extent the frequency of owners’ cleaning of the module and protects the owners’ income. Comparison of empirical data shows that with the anti-dust accumulation function of the module, the parity power generation gain reaches 2.04%, and the highest gain can reach 6%.

Solution 2: Water Drainage Clips

Anti-Dust Water Drainage Clips can also reduce the impact of dust accumulation and improve power generation revenue. They can be used for constructed power station with conventional module frame design under both portrait and horizontal orientations. Empirical plant data show that the installation of the water drainage clip improves power generation by an average gain of 2.95% compared to the uninstalled one, with the highest gain in a single month amounting to 8.7%.

Jongwon Choi, Head of LONGi Korea, said, “LONGi has been in business for more than 20 years and has always focused on customer value, and in response to the needs of the Korean market, LONGi will work with our customers and increase our investment in order to better promote our high-efficiency modules and solutions, provide local customers with high-quality products and services.”

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