“Learn to Dance with Ease: ‘Zero to Dance Hero’ Now Teaching on Nintendo Switch™ – Available Today”

TOKYO, June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Imagineer Co., Ltd. is excited to announce the launch of “Zero to Dance Hero,” an innovative dance lesson game for the Nintendo Switch, available starting today, June 14, 2024. Originally introduced in Japan as “HOP! STEP! DANCE!” in December 2023, the game received high praise for its effective teaching methods and is now being localized for broader audiences in Asia, excluding Japan.

“Our goal is to make dance accessible and enjoyable for everyone, even for those who feel hesitant about dancing or find it challenging to attend traditional dance schools. We want to make dancing something that everyone can feel comfortable with and enjoy, regardless of their skill level or prior experience, ” stated Kazunori Sumioka, CEO of Imagineer Co Ltd. ” ‘Zero to Dance Hero’ is designed to help anyone become a dancer, so we encourage everyone to give it a try. We believe that trying it out will show you that dancing can be enjoyable for people of all skill levels.”

“Zero to Dance Hero” is tailored for beginners, utilizing the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con™ controllers to follow interactive dance instructions. The game supports multiple languages, including Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, and English, making it highly accessible.

Key Features

Lesson Mode: Engage in a comprehensive dance curriculum with 30 steps and 84 parts, beginning with basic moves and advancing to complex routines, making dance accessible to beginners.
Free Mode: Allows players to practice dances to six original songs, each tailored to the skills developed in Lesson Mode.
Support Functions: Includes adjustable camera angles and a calorie counter, enhancing both learning and fitness tracking.

Product Overview

Title: Zero to Dance Hero
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Dance Lesson
Price: Varies by region

Players: 1

Age Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Imagineer
Regions: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Southeast Asia
Release Date: Scheduled for June 14, 2024

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