Launching Bneuron – A Breakthrough Dairy Supplement For Brain Protection

SEOUL, South Korea, March 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Bneuron milk, a breakthrough product in the health and wellness industry, has been entering South Korea diary market. The product is scientifically proven to offer multiple benefits for the brain and nervous system. By delivering essential nutrients that prevent and treat stroke and vestibular disorders[1], Bneuron milk helps consumers improve their cognitive functions, sleep quality, and overall well-being[2]. Bneuron milk is the “golden” solution for a healthier and happier life.

Bneuron applies “Ultrasound Assisted Extraction” – an ultrasound technology with the ability to enhance the effectiveness of nutritional active ingredients in milk by using strong ultrasound waves that can penetrate deeply into cell membranes. This method keeps the biological activity of active ingredients at temperatures lower than 70 degrees Celsius, which can prevent loss and evaporation and also increase the recovery rate of active ingredients compared to traditional methods.

To apply this advanced technology to the mass production process, the company has equipped an advanced and modern production line that fully meets GMP and FDA standards. The high-capacity machinery and infrastructure system is operated and controlled by a team of experienced nutritionists along with leading technical experts in the industry. From importing raw materials to packaging, Bneuron carries out strict control to ensure that each product that comes to the user has the best quality according to prescribed standards.

Bneuron – The “golden” solution to protect the brain and prevent strokes

According to the latest report of the World Stroke Organization published in the journal The Lancet Neurology, it is forecast that the death rate due to stroke will reach 9.7 million cases by 2050.

The prevalence of stroke is increasing significantly in young and middle-aged people (<55 years old) around the globe. In particular, the stroke rate in young people increases on average by about 2% each year, with men four times higher than women.

Bneuron milk uses advanced technology and imports from the United States and is a specialized source of nutrition suitable for adults that can improve the brain, support the treatment of vestibular diseases, and prevent strokes effectively. The product contains a list of rare and nutritious ingredients, such as Pasionflower Extract, Levagen+, Lactium, and colostrum. Moreover, there are other ingredients such as DHA, whey protein, walnut powder, and almond powder, enhance stroke resistance better than conventional synthesized products[3].

In addition, Bneuron also supports nutritional supplementation, health improvement, and increased resistance; reduces anxiety and stress, balances sleep. [4]Furthermore, Bneuron milk contains very little sugar and fat, so it is very suitable for people with a medical history of diabetes.


About Bneuron

Bneuron is a dairy product for adults and the elderly that can improve overall health. It is considered by experts to be 10 times more effective in preventing stroke than conventional synthetic products. 

The product is a combination of leading US technology: “Ultrasound Assisted Extraction” and rare nutritional ingredients such as Passionflower Extract and Lactinum.

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