Jiaxiang, Jining, Shandong: Enhanced Power Supply Services Boost “Three Summers” Agricultural Production

JINING, China, July 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As spring battles for days, summer battles for time. Currently, it is a critical period for summer harvesting, planting, and management in Jiaxiang County, Jining, Shandong. The State Grid’s Jiaxiang County Power Supply Company, aligning with the agricultural production’s electricity needs, extends its services to safeguard “Three Summers” production, aiding local farmers to capitalize on the favorable conditions of both water and seedlings. This initiative accelerates the sowing and planting of grain crops, laying a solid foundation for increased agricultural output and securing a bountiful annual harvest.

To ensure a reliable power supply during the wheat harvest season, the company proactively devised a power assurance plan based on historical “Three Summers” electricity consumption patterns. A dedicated “Three Summers” power supply service team was formed, which distributes safety leaflets on electricity usage and external damage prevention directly in the fields and checks the condition of safety warning equipment around wheat fields. The team also conducts safety inspections of transformers and agricultural power lines, swiftly addressing any potential hazards.

Given the increase in temporary users during the “Three Summers,” the company’s disciplinary inspection commission leverages its supervisory role to focus on critical elements of electricity demand for agricultural production. It has established a “green channel” for electricity use, simplified the process for electricity applications, and strictly enforced a 24-hour duty system to ensure prompt fault repairs and high-quality power supply services throughout the wheat harvesting season, thereby ensuring robust electrical support for wheat storage.

To enhance services for farmers during the summer harvest, planting, and management, the company actively collaborates with village committees to assist elderly and other special-needs villagers with wheat harvesting, drying, and transportation. For large-scale agricultural operators, it provides both online and offline energy-saving guidance and safety electricity inspections, comprehensively aiding farmers to achieve high yields and successful harvests. The company continues to strengthen power dispatching, enhance emergency capabilities, and provide services such as energy conservation, safety promotion, and hazard inspections, robustly supporting agricultural production and rural economic development.

In many of Jiaxiang County’s agricultural bases, reliance on highly automated electric irrigation equipment allows rice to move directly to the irrigation stage after planting via rice transplanters, significantly enhancing agricultural production efficiency. However, during peak farming periods, large-scale pumping stations and electric irrigation devices operate continuously, presenting potential electrical safety risks. The power service team proactively coordinates with agricultural base managers, providing on-site guidance on safe electricity usage, fault repair services, and intensifying load monitoring of irrigation districts. Comprehensive “check-ups” are conducted on areas and pump houses involved in irrigation to accurately assess the condition of drainage and irrigation equipment, promptly addressing any defects or safety hazards to prevent delays in electricity supply for irrigation.

To date, the State Grid Jiaxiang County Power Supply Company has inspected over 1,000 agricultural irrigation users, identified and resolved 42 hazards, and distributed over 12,000 pieces of educational material on electrical safety, fully safeguarding agricultural production during the peak summer season.


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