Jackery’s Commitment to Sustainability Recognized with SEAL Award for the Second Year

FREMONT, Calif., July 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Jackery has been honored with the prestigious 2024 SEAL Sustainable Product Award for the second year in a row. This recognition for the Jackery 1000 v2 reaffirms the company’s dedication to sustainability and continuous innovation. The SEAL Awards are renowned for celebrating companies that demonstrate exceptional leadership, innovation, and sustainable business practices, further cementing Jackery’s position as an industry leader in green energy solutions.

“Integration and impact” served as key criteria for the 2024 SEAL Sustainability Awards. This prestigious award, known for its authority in sustainability, evaluates companies based on their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategies, goals, practices, results, and overall impact.

Matt Harney, the Chairperson and founder of the SEAL Awards, emphasized the necessity of a comprehensive approach among winners. He highlighted that, in addition to substantial investments and human capital, the holistic approach of these award winners is crucial in driving continuous progress. This underscores that winners of the 2024 SEAL Sustainable Product Award must not only demonstrate outstanding contributions in ESG but also implement a comprehensive and reusable enterprise ESG system.

Debuting on May 17th, the Jackery 1000 v2 is a game-changer in the solar generator industry, featuring enhanced charging speed, output, capacity, and battery cell technology. Its innovative design has solidified its position as the premier choice for outdoor enthusiasts, receiving widespread acclaim for its superior performance since hitting the market.

Equipped with a capacity of 1,070 Wh and a powerful 1,500 W output, the Jackery 1000 v2 is capable of powering a wide range of high-power appliances, including cooking pots, fan heaters, portable air conditioners, and more. It is engineered to meet the electricity demands of diverse scenarios, including outdoor camping, home emergencies, and RV travels. The self-developed Next-gen Chargeshield 2.0 Technology provides 62 forms of protection, including 12 BMS forms of protection, with up to 40 protection mechanisms, ensuring all-around safety. The innovative Emergency Super Charging Mode allows a full charge in just 1 hour, making for convenient and quick on-the-move charging.

When paired with SolarSaga 200W Solar Panels, the Jackery 1000 v2 achieves a remarkable 25% increase in energy production due to its enhanced conversion efficiency compared to alternatives.

In addition to its exceptional performance, the Jackery 1000 v2 is distinguished by its TÜV SÜD certification, a globally recognized standard for consumer-grade PV products. It has also received FCC, UL, CE, and IEC TS 63163 certifications. These recognitions, along with the recent SEAL Sustainable Product Award, showcase Jackery’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

Jackery’s recognition at the SEAL Awards is attributed not only to its innovative technology but also to its commitment to fulfilling corporate social responsibility and dedication to ESG practices.

Since September 2023, all Jackery Plus series products are now packaged in an environmentally friendly method, reflecting the company’s dedication to sustainability. This change is expected to reduce 151.5 tons of plastic waste and 151.5 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. 

As a pioneer in solar generators, Jackery is committed to driving the global transition to low-carbon living. With a focus on eco-friendly, intelligent, and user-friendly energy solutions, Jackery is empowering individuals worldwide to embrace green energy in both their outdoor pursuits and daily lives, ultimately contributing to a more sustainable future.

About Jackery:

Jackery, the world’s leading innovative solar generator and green off-grid energy solution provider founded in California in 2012, is a global top-selling solar generator brand born with a mission to Bring Green Energy to All. Jackery launched its first outdoor portable power stations in 2016 and developed its first portable solar panels in 2018. Jackery has sold 4 million units globally since 2018, and has been recognized by over 200 authorized media and organizations worldwide and received 76 prestigious international design awards. Jackery has fulfilled its social responsibility on a global scale and maintained long-term cooperation with global public welfare organizations such as WWF and NFF, contributing its strength and value to boost global sustainable development and other public welfare.

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