InterparkTriple Launches ‘TRIPLE Korea,’ the Must-have App for Korean Travels

– Optimized for independent travel to Korea, the new ‘TRIPLE Korea‘ platform offers free-of-charge information and features for travel to Korea from the preparation stage through to the actual visit 
– App offers AI-based itinerary and real-time ‘attractions near me’ recommendations; makes travel in Korea more convenient with local directions feature that supports walking routes

SEOUL, South Korea, March 19, 2024  /PRNewswire/ — InterparkTriple (CEO Hwi-young Chae) has unveiled ‘TRIPLE Korea,’ a groundbreaking travel app that makes travel around Korea both easier and more fun. 

At the forefront of Korea’s travel and entertainment sector, InterparkTriple offers a vast array of products ranging from flights, accommodations, and packages to performance arts and tickets. Through its platform tailored for international travelers, Interpark Global, InterparkTriple has been offering booking services for Korean concert tickets as well as Play&Stay packages that combine concert tickets with accommodation, contributing to expanding global interest in Korean cultural content. Now, InterparkTriple is introducing ‘TRIPLE Korea,’ a new platform designed for Japanese tourists, who take up a significant share of visitors to Korea. Tailored for independent travel in Korea, TRIPLE Korea app delivers more convenient and delightful experiences to travelers. 

TRIPLE Korea is a mobile app that provides free-of-charge information and features for travel to Korea from the preparation stage through to the actual visit. Leveraging InterparkTriple’s unmatched rich content and innovative technology, the app offers real-time support for personalized Korean travel and cultural experiences. It recommends personalized Korean travel itineraries and shares useful travel information such as major tourist attractions, restaurants, and events. When users add a location to their itinerary, the app provides guidance on travel routes, travel times, and fare information. Moreover, users can easily purchase tours, tickets, transportation, and activities within the app, ensuring a seamless travel experience even for first-time visitors to Korea.

Leveraging InterparkTriple’s innovative travel technology, TRIPLE Korea showcases convenience features that enhance the travel experience unique only to the app. One such feature is the real-time ‘Attractions Near Me’ feature, which makes suggestions on nearby tourist spots, restaurants, cafes, and events based on the user’s location. With real-time updates, users can explore suitable activity suggestions that adapt to unexpected changes such as the weather. Moreover, the app has a navigation function that offers directions for both public transportation use as well as walking routes. Unlike traditional global mapping apps, which have limited access to local transportation data, TRIPLE Korea maximizes customer convenience by providing optimized routes for various modes of transportation.

An InterparkTriple insider commented, “We are aiming to offer tailored travel experiences and share the joy of traveling in Korea with our Japanese customers through TRIPLE Korea, which houses all information and features necessary for travel to Korea from trip preparation to the actual visit.” He added, “We plan to continually improve TRIPLE Korea’s services and features to encourage visits to Korea and position our platform as the must-have app for Korean travels.”

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