Huepar Pro New Product Launch: Ushering in a New Era for Professional Measurement Tools

LOS ANGELES, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Since its establishment in 2013, Huepar has specialized in the field of measurement tools for 11 years. With unwavering innovation and exceptional product quality, Huepar’s products have been sold to over 130 countries worldwide, with more than 20 international warehouses and a satisfaction rate exceeding 95%. This is not only a testament to the growth of the Huepar brand but also the best evidence of its continuous commitment to providing valuable products and services to global users.

Huepar and Huepar Tools are the two major brands under the Huepar company, each carrying its own unique mission and positioning. Huepar focuses on providing laser levels and their accessories such as laser receivers, laser level brackets, as well as a range of other measurement tools including laser rangefinders, wall detectors, and thermal imagers. On the other hand, Huepar Tools is dedicated to the sales of electric and manual tools, including heat guns, spray painting machines, electric screwdrivers, grinding tools, and more. Together, these two brands constitute the comprehensive and diverse product line of the Huepar Group.

Make Profession More Professional
Make Profession More Professional

With the expansion of the Huepar engineering team and the upgrading of factory capacity, the brand has achieved remarkable success in product research and development and quality. To better meet market demands, especially the need for high-precision and durable tools among professional users, Huepar decided to undergo a brand upgrade, giving birth to Huepar Pro.

As a high-end upgrade brand of Huepar, Huepar Pro aims to provide professional users worldwide with even higher precision, higher quality, and more durable tool products. The birth of this new brand is not only a comprehensive showcase of Huepar’s brand strength but also a precise response to market needs.

Huepar Pro fills the gap in the market for high-precision and cost-effective laser measurement tools. Its inaugural product launch includes five laser levels: three 3*360° laser levels and two 4*360° laser levels. These products have undergone comprehensive upgrades in precision, battery life, and equipment, based on their original functions such as manual mode, self-leveling mode, pulse mode, and laser line switching, to meet the growing needs of professional users. Additionally, the new brand offers a 3-year quality guarantee, reflecting Huepar’s high emphasis on product quality and user experience.

The upgrades in Huepar Pro’s new laser levels are evident in three aspects:

Battery Upgrade

The Huepar Pro laser levels are equipped with a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery of 8000mAh. Depending on the type of laser level, it can support the device to operate for 8 to 10 hours with all laser lines activated. This excellent battery life significantly extends the usage time of the laser levels. Furthermore, the battery features a micro USB port that allows it to charge other devices.

Precision Upgrade

Huepar Pro selects high-precision lasers and performs 100% precision testing before shipment. This enhances the precision of the laser levels to ±1/13 inch at 33 feet (±2 millimeters at 10 meters). In contrast, most ordinary laser levels have a precision of ±1/8 inch at 33 feet (±3 millimeters at 10 meters).

Equipment Upgrade

To further improve the durability of the products, the Huepar Pro laser levels feature a rubber-wrapped body that protects the machine. They are also equipped with powerful fine-tuning brackets and high-quality toolboxes.

In an interview, the CEO of the Huepar Group said, “Huepar has always been committed to producing and developing independently innovative high-quality tools. We invest 5% of our profits annually in research and product upgrades. Our goal is to enable every worker to enjoy high-value tools and services at an affordable price, enhancing their work satisfaction. We aim to become a lifelong partner for workers, helping them easily tackle work challenges.”

With the official establishment of Huepar Pro and the launch of its new products, the Huepar Group is standing at a new starting point, looking forward to an even brighter future. Meanwhile, Huepar actively pays attention to market changes and user needs, continuously adjusting and improving its brand strategy to better meet the demands of the market and users. Huepar Pro is committed to becoming the most trusted partner for workers. Here, we sincerely thank global users for their support and trust in the Huepar.

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