Huawei Cloud Summit Vietnam: Charting the Path to Industry Digitalization

HANOI, Vietnam, June 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Huawei Cloud held its much-anticipated Huawei Cloud Summit in Hanoi today, under the theme of “New Tech, New Idea, New Future.”

The event was a testament to the pivotal role cloud technology plays in the modern IT landscape, particularly in driving industry digitalization through enhanced data analytics and predictive capabilities. The hybrid cloud model, lauded for its flexibility, security, and innovation, is gaining traction among enterprises. At the summit, Huawei Cloud brought together a constellation of industry experts and partners to explore innovative cloud solutions and their impact on reshaping industries. Notable partners such as SmartOSC, FPT Software, and CMC Telecom were part of this collaborative discourse.

Tao Guangyao, President of Huawei Southeast Asia Multi-Country
Tao Guangyao, President of Huawei Southeast Asia Multi-Country

The event kicked off with the opening speech by Tao Guangyao, President of Huawei Southeast Asia Multi-Country. During his speech, he mentioned that Vietnam has the fastest growing digital economy in Southeast Asia. The digital economy continues to grow at a rate of around 20%, three times faster than GDP. The digital revolution is transforming everything. Online and mobile services are booming, such as e-government, e-commerce, mobile payment, livestreaming, gaming, Web3, and so on. Cloud computing, as the foundation for digital revolution. We also see more and more AI application deployed across different industries in Vietnam. Marking 25 years in Vietnam, Huawei has nurtured a network of over 200 local partners, supported 5 major telecom carriers, and served over 400 enterprise customers. The company’s commitment to the region is evident through the creation of 18,000 jobs and the training of 20,000 local talent.

Andy Jin, Vice President, Head of Huawei Cloud APAC Marketing & Industry Development
Andy Jin, Vice President, Head of Huawei Cloud APAC Marketing & Industry Development

Andy Jin, Vice President, Head of Huawei Cloud APAC Marketing & Industry Development, highlighted the impressive growth of Huawei Cloud in the Asia Pacific region, with a 77% overall increase in revenue and a remarkable 5x expansion in big data & AI projects (10x more revenue generated). Huawei Cloud has become the fastest growing cloud service provider in the region. “By 2024, Huawei Cloud will prioritize six star products: Huawei Cloud Stack, big data & AI, media services, databases, security, and PaaS. We will also strengthen our partnerships with top industry players to achieve even greater success in targeted market segments.”

Frost & Sullivan’s Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market Report positions Huawei Cloud at the forefront, leading in market performance, technological innovation, and customer service in APAC. Huawei’s hybrid cloud solution is the top choice in several APAC markets, including Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Bangladesh, Maldives, and Sri Lanka, and comes second in Singapore and Malaysia.

With a robust local service team across over 10 countries and regions, Huawei Cloud offers more than 80 professional services from consulting, planning, design, integration, implementation, to O&M, ensuring businesses receive comprehensive support throughout their digital journey. Huawei’s vision is to become a top 2 cloud vendor in the emerging Asia Pacific region within five years, underpinned by its “Accelerate Intelligence with Everything as a Service” strategy.

James Tan, Vice President of Huawei Cloud APAC Solution Sales
James Tan, Vice President of Huawei Cloud APAC Solution Sales

James Tan, Vice President of Huawei Cloud APAC Solution Sales, emphasized the suite of innovative solutions Huawei Cloud offers, particularly in big data and AI, which are transforming industries such as media and entertainment, e-commerce, and retail. Case studies from Siam Piwat (Thailand’s top retail group), Sunway (Malaysia’s top consortium), and Telkomsel (Indonesia’s largest mobile carrier) underscored the tangible benefits of these solutions. For example, AI, learning from big data, looks at what people watch, search for, and like to give better ads and recommendations. In e-commerce and retail, AI chatbots can help customers quickly and accurately, reducing the workload of human customer service team. All these level up user experience.

GaussDB supports distributed transactions and intra-city deployment across AZs for zero data loss, storage for petabytes of data, and scale-out to more than 1,000 nodes. It is highly available, reliable, secure, and scalable, and provides key capabilities including fast deployment, backup, restoration, monitoring, and alarm reporting for enterprises.

“We understand that organizations require robust cloud solutions to keep up with the fast-paced digital world. As a digital transformation leader, we offer Huawei Cloud Stack, big data, AI, media services, databases, security, and PaaS services to assist Vietnamese enterprises in tackling new digital challenges. By harnessing the power of the cloud, we help you go digital and embark on a successful journey towards sustainable growth,” said James.

Mandy Wang, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud APAC Business
Mandy Wang, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud APAC Business

The “Leap2Cloud” initiative, launched at the summit, signifies Huawei Cloud’s commitment to supporting Vietnamese government and enterprise customers in their leaps to cloud, unlocking new potentials and possibilities.

Mandy Wang, Director of Huawei Hybrid Cloud APAC Business, said: “Huawei Cloud Stack has been reinforcing cloud services and key features. This brand-new version provides six highlights: a solid cloud foundation and five innovative capabilities covering databases, mainframe modernization, data lake, large AI models, and industrial Internet.”

  • GaussDB: a distributed database with high performance and reliability;
  • Mainframe modernization: accelerated transformation of core systems;
  • A converged data lake: promoted data sharing and circulation;
  • A hybrid cloud for large AI models: one-stop custom large AI model creation for enterprises in every industry
  • Industrial Internet: integration with AI for new industrialization

The summit also featured insights from guest speakers of SmartOSC, FPT Software, and CMC Telecom, who shared their experiences and success stories leveraging Huawei Cloud’s solutions for digital transformation. Gerry Bench, Head of SmartOSC Cloud Sales, explained how cloud, big data, and AI solutions can unlock the potential of e-commerce. He cited an example of SmartOSC and Huawei Cloud collaborating to develop a solution that helped the Thai retailer DoHome reduce their IT infrastructure costs by 30% and achieve faster business growth.

Huynh Le Duy, Head of Digital Transformation Global (DXG) at FPT Software, mentioned that they joined hands with Huawei Cloud to develop an E2E cloud solution and utilized each other’s customer resources to expand and cross-sell services in emerging markets. He also shared that FPT Software was able to quickly adapt AIA’s business system to a 35% business growth rate by implementing a standardized system framework and agile development.

Đặng Tuân Thành, Multicloud Director of CMC Telecom, shared how CMC Telecom provides comprehensive services in cloud billing, migration, and management to address customers’ pain points.

Huawei Cloud is fully committed to supporting Vietnam’s digital development, aiming to stimulate innovation, improve efficiency, and strengthen local partnership, thereby contributing to the vibrant growth of Vietnam’s digital economy.

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