HN Medical Group stages HNMG Business Forum 2021


HN Medical Group stages HNMG Business Forum 2021

BANGKOK, Thailand – HN Medical Group (HNMG) Co. Ltd. is displaying its strength in production and marketing of medical gloves by staging the HNMG Business Forum 2021 at Gaysorn Urban Resort.

The event will showcase the company’s Red Ocean Strategy in the world market, which has been dearly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020, whether in terms of technology, machinery, raw materials as well as product standard regulations and trade issues.

HNMG is preparing to expand both its manufacturing facility and production capacity, as well as introducing innovative technologies in order to become a world-class medical glove manufacturer.

Ms. Varintip Divari, Managing Director of HN Medical Group Co. Ltd., said in 2020 the company started construction of its manufacturing plant in Panasnikom, Chonburi.

“Presently construction and installation of machinery is 50 per cent complete,” she said. “Our plant and capacity expansion plan for 2021-2024 will include 88 production lines and a production target of 17 million boxes per month for orders that we have already received from customers.”

HNMG’s business plan for 2021-2024 involves expansion of its medical glove business, including the setting up of HN Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (HNMM) to overlook production, machinery installation and product development.

Presently HNMG has four brands namely M+D GLOVE, Kleanse, Excel and MD Plus, together featuring a large variety and technologies, including ChemoTech and Surgi Plus. In addition, HNMM also carries out research and development projects with machinery producers regarding nano extraction technology for hemp and marijuana as well.

HNMG has also made significant investments with global medical and health experts in research and development of new products specifically for medical purposes. HN Medical Innovation Co. Ltd. was set up for this purpose, with the first project to be unveiled to the public within the first quarter of 2022.

It can be seen from the company’s business plan that HNMG concentrates on a large variety of products that respond to customer requirements, as well as creating added value to the business and its investors. The HNMG Business Forum 2021 will help create awareness and understanding of the company, as well as raise the confidence of investors, business partners and ally companies in doing business together in a sustainable manner.

Ms. Varintip said a large number of highly knowledgeable guests have been invited to join the forum, to exchange opinions and information regarding the investment sector, finance and international trade. It is expected to highly benefit HNMG’s investors and trade partners.

“Presently HNMG has achieved international standards whether in Asia, Europe or the US through the M+D GLOVE, Kleanse, Excel and MD Plus brands. In addition, we have received a large number of certification such as SATRA, FDA, FDA USA, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016. We also received the investment promotion card from the Board of Investment (BOI) (No. 63-1273-1-21-1-0 dated November 18, 2020) which is the government agency responsible for investment promotion,” Ms. Varintip concluded.