HIS MSC signed Agreement Contract with Tritip Complex

Mr. Phusith Arunrattanadilok Vice President of HIS MSC Company Limited and Assistance Prof. Dr. Veena Churdboonchart, Executive Director and Ms. Orranart Churdboonchart, Managing Director of Tritip Complex and Trinity Silom Hotel signed Agreement Contract on October 27, 2021, at Tritip Complex appointed HIS MSC Co., Ltd. manage Hotel Property Management by Metro Cloud for Tritip Complex and Trinity Silom Hotel.

The Management Team of Tritip Complex and Trinity Silom Hotel has realized the importance of operation systems of Hotel Management. Therefore, HIS MSC is delighted to create a modern management experience for Tritip Complex and Trinity Silom Hotel with Hotel Property Management (HMS™) & Metro Cloud, a flexible Hotel Property Management System based on the Metro Cloud Platform which safety and high efficiency. Moreover, the systems increase the greatest service on Smart Solutions with the recent needs of today’s customers lifestyle.

For more information, please contact Mr. Phusith Arunrattanadilok Call: 062-646-6539 email: phusith@metrosystems.co.th, Website :https://www.hismsc.com/


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