Hi-MO X6 Lights Up Thai Hospital, Bringing Sustainable Power to Healthcare

BANGKOK, July 10, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Stable power supply is essential for the continuous operation of health care facilities. With Hi-MO X6 solar panels, Phraphrom Hospital has become a great example of sustainable healthcare.

Phraphrom Hospital, as a public healthcare institution, has been providing reliable and convenient medical services to residents. However, it currently faces the dual challenge of limited budget and high energy demands.

Thailand’s climbing electricity costs, the hospital’s round-the-clock medical operations, and the natural conditions of heat and humidity necessitating continuous air conditioning to prevent pharmaceutical deterioration, significantly pressurize the hospital’s electricity expenditures. Given its small-scale public funding, the hospital grapples with a substantial increase in energy expenses.

LONGi’s Hi-MO X6 stands out with superior light absorption capability and high photovoltaic conversion efficiency. These features ensure Phraphrom Hospital benefits from a reliable and continuous power supply, substantially reducing its energy expenses. In Thailand’s challenging humid and high-temperature conditions, Hi-MO X6 has proven its robustness with a monthly energy production of 1.81MWh, bringing in an approximate 10% savings on the hospital’s electricity bills.

More importantly, LONGi’s 25-year warranty of extra linear power output and comprehensive after-sales service provide Phraphrom Hospital with the reliability it needs. This was a significant factor when our EPC, D-Excellent Co., Ltd., chose Hi-MO X6 solar modules, as high-quality products tend to necessitate fewer after-sales interventions, ultimately reducing after-sales expenses.

Phraphrom Hospital, LONGi’s first hospital project in Thailand, is now redirecting its savings into enhancing medical services. Hi-MO X6 not only leads Phraphrom Hospital towards sustainable growth but also aims to empower more hospitals to build a more robust and energetically efficient healthcare system.

About LONGi

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