GREATER DES MOINES, Ind., May 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — To further advance regional workforce needs, the Greater Des Moines Partnership’s DSM Workforce Collaborative has outlined strategic objectives and goals. The DSM Workforce Collaborative focuses on strengthening the current and future workforce with a collective voice by identifying workforce opportunities and implementing solutions to help meet business and education needs in Greater Des Moines (DSM). It is made up of business, human resources, education and state leaders who began to convene in late 2023 to build and drive strategic talent retention strategies for the region.

The DSM Workforce Collaborative is focusing on the following goals:

  • Grow connections between education and industry to share best practices and drive action toward innovative solutions.
  • Support industry and kindergarten-through-post secondary programming alignment by expanding work-based learning (WBL) awareness, opportunities and curriculum.
  • Build a deeper understanding of current and needed skills in the region and create skill-building opportunities for talent.

“The Partnership regularly connects talent acquisition teams and business leaders with work-based learning coordinators from school districts across the region,” said Jenae Sikkink, Senior Vice President of Talent Development and Inclusive Strategies at The Partnership. “These connections and partnerships create unique student opportunities and open career pathways for future talent. We hear repeatedly from businesses the value they see in opening their doors to students through internships, certificates, pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programming. We look forward to continuing to lead and advance these efforts across the region.”

“We are excited to ramp up our efforts dedicated to implementing innovative solutions that bridge the gap between education and business in Greater Des Moines,” said Lexi Shafer, Director of Workforce at The Partnership. “We look forward to working on these three goals that are focused on strengthening our community by increasing work-based learning and skill-building opportunities. Talent retention is a key component to the work we do at The Partnership, and we are committed to retaining talent in the region through the DSM Workforce Collaborative’s efforts.”

Learn who is part of the DSM Workforce Collaborative by visiting The Partnership website.

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