GPT-4 Powered All-In-One Smart Bird Feeder by RobinsNote to Launch on Kickstarter

HONG KONG, April 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — RobinsNote is set to launch its OpenAI powered (GPT-4) Smart Bird feeder, coming 1st June on Kickstarter. Bird-enthusiastic tech lovers can get their hands on the new experience offered by RobinsNote‘s latest innovation.

RobinsNote Smart Bird Feeder Powered by GPT-4
RobinsNote Smart Bird Feeder Powered by GPT-4

The new Bird Feeder by RobinsNote offers more than just the traditional observing experience. With the aid of upcoming AI, it aims to help users develop a deeper connection with nature through its three key innovations.

Optimized Viewing: Going beyond the conventional close-up shots of just the beaks, RobinsNote’s bird feeder provides enhanced viewing angles, capturing the entire beauty of the visiting birds.

OpenAI’s GPT-4 Technology: The bird feeder by RobinsNote drives power from the intelligence of OpenAI’s GPT-4 and can identify bird species. This offers detailed insights into the species that visit the bird feeder, enhancing one’s knowledge and bird-watching experience.

Biomimetic Design: The elegantly crafted robin–inspired biomimetic design easily blends the bird feeder camera into the natural environment. This robin-shaped design helps minimize intrusion, allowing an observation of birds as they are undisturbed in their natural habitat.

The modular design of the RobinsNote Smart Bird Feeder supports several food types -water, seeds, suet balls, and fruit at the same time, offering convenience and cost savings. This efficient design attracts a wide range of bird species and simplifies refilling.

“We can’t wait to share RobinsNote with those who cherish nature and seek a peaceful retreat.” stated Vesper Wong, visionary behind RobinsNote.

RobinsNote Reservations open now:
Be among the first to experience the birdwatching revolution initiated by RobinsNote. Embrace the beauty of bird watching like never before with RobinsNote’s latest breakthrough in smart Bird feeder technology.

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About RobinsNote:
At RobinsNote, we are committed to crafting birdwatching solutions that are innovative yet sustainable. Our mission is to harmonize technology with the timeless charm of birdwatching, creating a sanctuary that can reconnect users, and unfold the true beauty of nature.

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