Futu’s First “Inter-School Futu Hero Competition for Primary Students” Concluded Successfully, Introducing Over a Hundred Schools, Promoting Children’s Financial Education

Promoting Parent-School Cooperation for Children’s Financial Education, Offering $10,000 Stock Scholarships to Parents for Early Financial Planning 

HONG KONG, March 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As a leading tech-driven digitalized brokerage in Hong Kong, Futu Securities International (Hong Kong) Limited (“Futu”) has always been committed to enhancing financial literacy. Over the course of six months, we have diligently endeavored to promote local financial education initiatives spanning diverse age demographics. Since the inception of our bespoke board game aimed at elucidating financial principles, “Futu Hero,” last year, we have fostered a symbiotic partnership with the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers TechEd Centre (HKFEW TechEd Centre), meticulously disseminating it across more than a hundred primary schools throughout Hong Kong. Most recently, we orchestrated the inaugural Hong Kong Primary School “Futu Hero” Inter-School Competition, extolling the virtues of financial acumen among young learners. A cadre of approximately 20 education sector dignitaries graced the event to demonstrate their solidarity and support. The competition elicited enthusiastic responses from over 40 primary schools, boasting a participation rate of approximately 60 students.

Futu's first "Inter-School  Futu Hero Competition for Primary Students" concluded successfully
Futu’s first “Inter-School Futu Hero Competition for Primary Students” concluded successfully

The competition for “Futu Hero” was intense, with students from Carmel Alison Lam Primary School and LST Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch) clinching the dual championship. The inaugural ‘Hong Kong Primary School Futu Hero Inter-School Competition’ concluded successfully, with every participating child fully engaged throughout the competition, applying financial knowledge and strategies. In the end, students from Carmel Alison Lam Primary School and LST Leung Kau Kui Primary School (Branch) tied for the championship, each receiving a Futu scholarship worth HKD 10,000. The scholarship is thoughtfully disbursed in the form of monthly stocks, encouraging parents to allocate a portion of their monthly income early on to prepare for their children’s financial journey, allowing them to experience the importance of proper financial management in real life, and paving the way for their children’s future achievements.

Mr. Daniel Tse, Managing Director of Futu Securities, said: ” ‘Futu Hero’ is not just a board game but also an educational tool that helps enducate proper financial concepts from an early age. Through this game, we aim to teach children how to budget, manage expenses, and even invest, enabling them to apply these skills in their daily lives. By changing their concept and approach to managing money, we aim to cultivate sound financial principles from childhood. As a leading brokerage firm in Hong Kong, we are pleased to see financial education reaching individuals of all ages. Moving forward, we aspire to expand the reach of ‘Futu Hero’ to various applications, regions, and even countries, allowing more students to learn financial knowledge and develop proper financial attitudes through this engaging game.”

To know more about the board game, please visit: https://qrco.de/beCKG6 

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