Fight Back with Supplements and Immunity Boosting Therapy from VIVID by Verita Health

Bangkok, 4 June 2021: Whilst many of us are working from home, modern day city dwellers are seeking convenient and effective solutions to maintain a resilient immune system. The number one way one to keep the body’s defenses strong is to start is from within. VIVID Bangkok, the go to destination for vitamin infusions, is now extending its offering to include a series of vitamin supplements as well as specific Immunity Boost Packages to meet the changing demands of its wellness enthusiast clientele.

VIVID Supplements offer five tested formulations, created by a team of specialist doctors and medical professionals, the brand-new range of supplements are carefully blended to tackle specific ailments. Guests can start their supplement course with a consultation with VIVID’s trained medical team using lab tests to measure everything from the levels of potentially harmful metals in the blood to examining the liver. The five tested formulations include:

– Immunity booster: protecting against illness and fatigue with Vitamin C and zinc to augment the body’s natural defenses, black cumin reduces inflammation in the body and L-carnitine boosts energy levels for fighting strength

– Brain Booster: performing at your cognitive peak with naturally occurring coenzyme Q10 which lessens with age to improve overall brain function, gingko increases blood flow to the brain and prevents cognitive decline whilst ginseng boosts memory and concentration levels

– Stress buster: combats the daily tolls of modern life, rhodiola increases your body’s resistance to stress and fatigue, natural herbs ashwagandha and valerian calm the mind and a melatonin boost leads to more restful sleep at night

– Energy Booster: achieves more physically and mentally, L-carnitine increases the metabolism and boosts energy function whilst rhodiola fights fatigue, enabling you to work and play harder

– Sleep booster: fall asleep faster and enjoy better quality rest as melatonin resets the body clock, amino acid increases serotonin and natural herbs ashwagandha and valerian help still the mind

On site at VIVID Bangkok, located in the courtyard of Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, guests can enjoy a limited offer with two immunity centered packages. Tackling immunity three-fold, the packages include the Immunity IV Drip, the Vit D3 Booster and O-Zone Therapy. The Immunity IV Drip injects a medical grade blend of Vitamin C to the bloodstream for maximum absorption and a host of anti-oxidant benefits; the Vitamin D3 booster helps to kickstart autoimmunity and strengthen against infection, lastly O-Zone therapy uses medical-grade O3, a form of oxygen, to combat infectious and degenerative diseases and boost the immune system.

– Immunity to the Max Package contains: 5x Immunity IV drips, 3x Vitamin D3 booster, 2x Ozone Therapy for THB 26,900

– The Immunity Boost Package contains 1x Immunity IV drip, 1x Vitamin D3 Booster and 1x O-Zone therapy for THB 7,500

To purchase VIVID Supplements or consult with our medical team please contact us below: EMAIL TEL +66 (0)2 003 4918 LINE @vividbyverita