Facemoji Keyboard’s New GenAI Feature Brings Users’ Memories to Life

New Cutout Effect feature brings an elevated typing experience to your fingertips

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Facemoji Keyboard, the world’s first content-creation keyboard with rich in-app resources, announced today a new Facemoji AI feature – Cutout Effect – which utilizes generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) to create a dynamic typing experience.

Available now on Android, the Cutout Effect feature offers users a new visual upgrade within the app. Unlike traditional DIY keyboard backgrounds, the Cutout Effect feature leverages AI to identify the main figure in the user-uploaded images. When the keyboard is activated, the main figure will float on the top layer of the keyboard, as if greeting the user, personalizing the typing experience and infusing it with joy and creativity. Users can be reminded of their favorite memories whenever they use the keyboard with AI-driven Cutout Effect.

the Cutout Effect feature offers users a new visual upgrade
the Cutout Effect feature offers users a new visual upgrade

“Facemoji recognizes the value of AI and the importance of memories and moments. With our AI features, the users’ overall keyboard experience becomes uniquely their own,” said Natalia Lin, Product Lead at Facemoji Keyboard. “Facemoji is committed to elevating users’ communication experience. With Gen AI, we believe we can seamlessly integrate visual and self-expression.”

Facemoji was recently named the winner of both the IF Design Award and the Best Mobile App Award in 2024. These achievements speak volumes about the outstanding design excellence and social engagement components of the app.

Facemoji Keyboard has over 550 million global downloads and is available to users in 170+ countries and regions for free on Android or iOS.

About Facemoji Keyboard

Facemoji Keyboard is the world’s first content-creation keyboard that allows users to find, design or invent the trendiest and smartest ways to express themselves. With Facemoji, users can fully customize their keyboard and create and share unique expressive designs, so every user can be a modern trendsetter in content creation.

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