Experience the Best of Korea : K-Flea Market in Bangkok

SEOUL, South Korea, April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The “K-Flea Market: Korea in Thailand“, will be held at Samyan Mitrtown from April 24 for five days.

With the slogan, “Korea will be permeated into the daily life of Thailanders,”  the K-Flea Market will be held in Bangkok. 

It’s an event sponsored by SBA (Seoul Business Agency) and supervised by Thai logistics & distribution company HONEST TRADING and the Korean mobile commerce company BUDA.

Three hundred Korean companies applied for the K-Flea Market. One hundred products were finally selected from sixteen companies through a three-step evaluation process. This will be the biggest sales event of Korean products ever held in Thailand.

“Jangtuh,” the Korean traditional market, has been contemporarily reinterpreted to offer a unique experience. Visitors can purchase products related to daily life, from infant and toddler items to cosmetics, food, drinks, health-functional foods, clothing, hygienic goods, and daily necessities.  A variety of Korean street food and cuisine will also be available.

The host of the event, CEO JESLYN SOOIN KIM of HONEST TRADING, expressed hope that “The K-Flea Market will be the momentum to showcase the excellence of various Korean products beyond cosmetics and ramyun. We hope Korean products will become deeply integrated into the daily lives of Thais.”

The “K-Flea Market” will be held from April 24 to 28 for five days at the K-Streat Food Hall and the central hall on the 3rd floor of Samyan Mitrtown.

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