Expand More Possibilities | HIKSEMI Shines at Computex 2024 Seminar, Embracing the Era of High-Capacity SSDs

TAIPEI, June 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — HIKSEMI, a global provider of ultimate intelligent storage products and solutions, shines at Computex 2024 Seminar with its latest products and solutions under the theme “Expand More Possibilities” from June 4th to 7th, 2024. HISKEMI comprehensively presents its advanced technologies and innovations in various scenarios, including industrial control, video surveillance, data center, consumer application, and so on.

In response to a higher demand for storage capacity, performance, and reliability in the era of supercomputing, HIKSEMI continuously launches innovative and high-quality storage products and solutions based on the insights from both consumer-grade and enterprise-grade users.

In the realm of consumer-grade applications, HIKSEMI has established a comprehensive array of products. FUTURE series SSDs and DDRs, notable for their unparalleled speed and high performance, are seamlessly compatible with a wide range of gaming device and provide gamers with an exceptional gaming experience. While, CAPTURE series memory cards, boasting high-resolution capabilities and remarkable durability, cater to photography enthusiasts and professionals across various scenarios. Furthermore, the newly launched in-car USB SYNC C empowers smart travel, with its innovative vertical structure design. Additionally, the magnetic Type C PSSD, supporting 4K ProRes HDR recording, brings new breakthroughs to the portable storage sector. Looking ahead, HIKSEMI plans to expand the GEN4 PSSD production line, further enriching the portable storage product range and enabling users to achieve efficient mobile storage solutions.

In the industry-grade application field, HIKSEMI continuously invests in the application needs of various sub-sectors and accumulates project operation experience. V310 series SSDs are designed specifically to handle heavy workloads, utilizing high-quality flash memory particles and equipped with self-developed NAND Flash management software. They also support customized needs such as power-off protection and wide temperature ranges, and have been applied in projects such as rail transit. For data center application scenarios, HIKSEMI has launched D300 series SSDs, which can support AES-256 encryption algorithms. With reliable end-to-end data protection strategies, complete abnormal power-off protection, and protective designs such as automatic reload of read-only firmware under abnormal conditions, HIKSEMI ensures data security.

In the future, HIKSEM will continue to strengthen technological innovation and iterative upgrades to bring more technological breakthroughs for premium products including PCIe 5.0 SSDs, keeping pace with cutting-edge market trends and contributing to industrial innovation and development.

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