Evermos Showcases Technological Solutions for Socio-Economic Challenges in Southeast Asia at the 29th Nikkei Forum: Future of Asia

TOKYO, June 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Evermos, a connected commerce platform providing distribution networks and integrated commerce services, participated in the 29th Nikkei Forum: Future of Asia. Evermos spoke in the session “Social Issues Faced by Asia: A Future Changed by Startups”, addressing technological solutions for socio-economic challenges in Southeast Asia.

Iqbal Muslimin (Co-founder & Chief of Sustainability Evermos) speaking at the Nikkei Forum 29th: Future of Asia.
Iqbal Muslimin (Co-founder & Chief of Sustainability Evermos) speaking at the Nikkei Forum 29th: Future of Asia.

The forum also featured prominent speakers, including Airlangga Hartanto (Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs of Indonesia), Fumio Kishida (Prime Minister of Japan), Anwar Ibrahim (Prime Minister of Malaysia), and Kao Kim Hourn (Secretary-General of ASEAN).

During this event, Evermos launched its “Sustainability Report 2023: Prosperity Beyond Borders”, demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainable business practices and its progress in addressing sustainability issues. A key highlight of the report is how Evermos’ business model supports women’s economic independence, particularly in regions with limited job opportunities, by providing employment opportunities, encouraging entrepreneurship, and offering free access to entrepreneurial training.

“There are 63 million MSMEs in Indonesia. However, only 1% of them can grow from micro-enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses,” explained Iqbal Muslimin, Co-founder & Chief of Sustainability at Evermos, who represented the company at the forum. “Their main barrier to growth is distribution access, given Indonesia’s vast archipelago. Expanding their market reach is costly, as only one in three Indonesians uses online channels. This is where Evermos offers a solution by providing an alternative offline distribution channel through resellers.”

As a connected commerce platform that supports MSMEs in starting and growing their businesses, Evermos integrates online and offline sales services. This enables brand owners to distribute their products omnichannel, reaching consumers everywhere. Through technology, Evermos empowers many women, housewives, and residents in areas with limited job opportunities by providing business opportunities as resellers of curated MSME products. The extensive network of resellers across Indonesia’s tier 2 and 3 cities ensures that these MSME products are widely distributed, even to remote areas. This business model showcases the tangible benefits of technology for prosperity and empowerment.

“With over 900.000 resellers and 65.000 local MSME products available on the Evermos platform, technology enables us to reach a broader and more efficient user base, providing personalized services and streamlining operational processes,” explained Iqbal. “While many e-commerce platforms offer similar services across parts of Asia, Evermos stands out by creating job opportunities for many rural households and providing a chance for communities to develop business skills.”

This forum session also explored the rise of social startups in Southeast Asia, particularly in Indonesia. Evermos illustrated that this trend stems from two fundamental regional characteristics: an entrepreneurial spirit driving economic growth and a community-oriented culture.

In Indonesia, one in five people is an entrepreneur. This is not only to meet daily needs but also driven by a desire to be part of various community groups, from street vendors to internet marketers and export-oriented communities.

“The local culture’s community orientation, with its supportive networks, is crucial for the success of micro-entrepreneurs. In this context, business transactions go beyond mere trade; they also foster meaningful emotional connections within the community,” Iqbal added. “This explains the motivation of those who join Evermos as resellers. It’s not just about earning extra income, but also about socializing and achieving self-actualization within their communities.”

Aligned with Japan’s vision of creating a sustainable future together, Evermos’ commitment to sustainability and social impact also aligns with the objectives of the OECD-ASEAN Japan Partnership Program (JOAPP). This program focuses on private investment, connectivity, sustainability, and digital innovation. Evermos shares this vision with Japan, looking forward to collaborative efforts to achieve a sustainable and inclusive future.

About Evermos

Evermos is a connected commerce platform that empowers local brands and underserved communities by providing a distribution network and commerce services focused on curated halal products. It is also a one-stop platform offering comprehensive support services for entrepreneurs, ranging from local brand owners, resellers, to pro sellers. Various free entrepreneurship training programs are available for anyone within the Evermos reseller network to support their success, regardless of gender, educational background, geographic location, or income level.

Established in November 2018, Evermos has built the largest reseller-based connected commerce network in Indonesia, with over 900.000 active sellers across the country and more than 6.400 MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) partners. To date, Evermos has received numerous industry awards, including the Forbes Asia 100 to Watch award in the Asia-Pacific region, the UN Women 2022 Indonesian Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) award, Nikkei Awards winner 2024, and membership in the global Endeavor Entrepreneur network. Evermos is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, an invitation-only group of the most promising startup and scale-up companies worldwide at the forefront of technological innovation and ethical business models.

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