E&R Engineering Corp. Unveils Cutting-Edge Solutions at Semicon SEA 2024 in Kuala Lumpur

KAOHSIUNG, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The advanced laser and plasma solution provider from Taiwan, E&R Engineering Corp., is confirmed to attend the feast in Semiconductor industry, Semicon SEA 2024, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With the 30-year dedication in the semiconductor industry, E&R had developed a wide range of plasma and laser technology. At Semicon SEA 2024, they will showcase their latest solutions, including:

E&R will be collaborating with Zen Voce to exhibit at the 2024 SEMICON Southeast Asia (SEA).
E&R will be collaborating with Zen Voce to exhibit at the 2024 SEMICON Southeast Asia (SEA).

Plasma Dicing – Small Die Dicing Solution

E&R offers a hybrid solution combining laser grooving and plasma dicing, allowing for dice lanes controlled between 10um ~ 30um. In addition to equipment manufacturing, E&R also provides the one-stop-shop dicing service (outsourcing service) to process wafers into small dies for various shapes, hexagonal, circular or MPR pattern.

Advanced Packaging:

With extensive expertise in the integration of self-developed optics module and advanced laser system, E&R provides a laser drilling solution for 2.5D/3D packaging, featuring high accuracy up to +/- 5um, of which the B/T ratio achieves 85~90%. Besides, E&R is also renowned for its precision laser marking integrated with 4 beam marking solution for high throughput while remaining +/- 25um accuracy, excellence in heat affect control for laser cutting process, and high uniformity (CPK >1.33) plasma solutions.

Glass Substrate Solutions:

E&R is one of the leading equipment manufacturers supporting glass substrate process. Besides high productivity TGV solutions reaching 600~1,000 VPS while maintaining an accuracy of 5 um-3 sigma, E&R also provides advanced solutions for Glass Laser Polishing to improve the roughness of glass sidewall, laser beveling, and AOI techniques.

Silicon Carbide Solutions:

E&R provide a series of solutions including shallow layer laser annealing after ion implantation, to activate ions and restore the crystal lattice, SiC wafer ID marking and plasma cleaning. Additionally, E&R also launches the Raman Inspection Machine to detect crack, defect and internal stress, to efficiently enhance the process yield.  

FOPLP – Fan-Out Panel Level Package for 700*700mm

E&R develops a full range of machines supporting large panel process up to 700*700mm panel size, containing laser marking, cutting and plasma cleaning and de-smear after drilling. The competence on warpage handling excellently reaches 16mm while remaining the high throughput competence.

Booth Information of E&R at Semicon SEA 2024

Booth Number: #714
Hall: 2-4
Location: Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Center
Time: May.28th to 30th, 2024
E&R Website: https://en.enr.com.tw/

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