Enjoy dinner anywhere on outdoor adventures with Stoke Voltaics’ Nomad Cooking System

Designed to electrify outdoor adventures over summer break, and make socializing fun while eliminating fire hazards and power limitations, yet embracing 100% portability, the Nomad will be available from June 05

NEW YORK, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Take the heat out of the kitchen, by taking your outdoor cooking abilities to the next level with the new all-in-one Nomad Cooking System from Stoke Voltaics.

Designed to address the most pressing issues faced by adventurers who want to cook outside: fire hazards, power limitations, and portability, the Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System’s electrically powered design ensures a safer cooking experience without the risk of fire, while flexible adjustable power settings from 200W to 1000W allows seamless integration with various power sources to prevent power loss, and power tripping.

Stoke Voltaics has engineered the Nomad Cooking System specifically with portability in mind. Its robust, lightweight, modular design means the Nomad is durable and practical, easy to carry, and versatile enough to meet a number of culinary needs, from boiling water to stewing gumbo, and frying pancakes to searing steaks. Triple fire protection from the cooking reactor base ensures safety in forests and RVs, with the added bonus of no burn risks to users.

Whether you are heading out on a solo trip up into the mountains or a family camping adventure by the lake, the Nomad adapts to the needs of each user, making it the must-have for any vacation spot. Made with high-quality eco-friendly materials, the modular Nomad meets the needs of a range of outdoor use scenarios.

MARSHALL YUAN, FOUNDER & CEO, Stoke Voltaics, said:

“Kitchen tools don’t necessarily make you a better cook, but good tools make cooking better, and easier. We are firm believers in electric power over fuel, which pollutes the environment. Outdoor, and travel adventurers can now make dinner, and snacks with the Stoke Voltaics Nomad Cooking System.

“Forget being forced to organize, and pack a ton of different outdoor cooking equipment. Whether you are a winnebago wanderer, car camping pro or you are just getting started, we’ve got you covered. With our all-in-one Nomad Cooking System, no matter who you are or where you are traveling, you will be able to taste test a wealth of delicious combinations in next to no time. Camping, and cooking together while enjoying the great outdoors is a staple of any classic vacation, and should be a part of everyone’s childhood experience. So, whatever type of outdoor adventure you are into or up for, take the Nomad with you.”

Stoke Voltaics is making this exciting new product available to all US customers directly from its website on June 05, 2024. This official launch date means the Nomad is perfectly timed for anyone looking to vacation this summer. But, thanks to its unmatched flexibility, smart safety features, and convenience for use in any location, the Nomad Cooking System can also make socializing fun, and faff-free.

The Nomad Cooking System by Stoke Voltaics is more than just a cooking appliance; it is a testament to the company’s dedication to redefining outdoor experiences. So if you’re feeling hungry, this functional outdoor essential means you can set up a home in the middle of woods to enjoy a tasty dinner there easily, by simply plugging into a portable power station, car inverter, RV mains, battery pack, power bank or any other portable AC output.

Get your very own Nomad Cooking System for only $249.99 at: www.stokevoltaics.com.

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About Stoke Voltaics

Stoke Voltaics is an innovative startup that designs and manufactures outdoor essentials that electrify outdoor adventures for those who want to explore the great outdoors in comfort and style.

Established in 2022, Stoke Voltaics is already at the forefront of outdoor cooking technology, designed to leave no carbon footprint and continuously evolving its exciting new technologies and products to enhance the outdoor experiences of adventurers globally. It has a steadfast brand mission to actively protect our environment, with sustainable products that leave zero pollutants behind after use.

The company is committed to safety, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. In continuing to exceed its “Electrifying Everywhere” brand promise, Stoke Voltaics aims to make paving the way for future explorations possible with all of its products designed to support its customers to “Go Wilder, Go Voltaics”.

For more information and to see what products Stoke Voltaics currently has for outdoor adventurers, visit: https://www.stokevoltaics.com/


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